The Magic Moments of Ghiz

First ClassWhat do you think of our First Class World traveller? , quite an amazing guy eh! Just the wink of the eye or a flick of his fingers and Premier Ghiz can change rules and alter protocols to suit his own purposes. In March he awarded the Order of PEI to a young athlete without consulting the awards council. With his magic touch when the awards council complained he merely flicked his finger and changed the rules. Wow! what an amazing guy, next he looked at the low salaries of his poorly paid deputy ministers, (their salaries are among the highest on PEI) not fair said Ghiz they should be in line with the other Provinces. Once more with the wink of an eye he put in motion legislation to award the deputies large salary increases. Paul McNeill editor of the Graphic Newspaper name him “Robert the Generous”. (there might have been a hint of sarcasm there). Today Islanders looked for the Magic of Ghiz again.  Recently on CBC Compass a local Island lady, Anna Peters, suffering from that dreadful disease of Cancer can’t afford the prescribed medication necessary to her health. The medications costs in the region of ten thousand dollars per month, much more than an average Islander could ever afford. Strangely, this same medication is available on Provincial drug programs in every province but PEI???? So where is our Magic Ghiz when an islander needs help, apparently he is nowhere to be seen and he neither blinks or lifts a finger to help. I can’t agree with the name “Robert the Generous” I think a more fitting title would be “Ghiz the Grinch”especially in the case of this poor unwell island lady. What is it Ghiz is always claiming, “I’m here for the interests of all Prince Edward Islanders”. —— Really Premier????????

God Bless and keep reading

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Interesting Old Sayings

dodger ram big horn085961730f01602df144ed2a37ce4789top down mini 2I have been trying to make sense out of the Chrysler Corp advertizing campaign for their Dodge trucks. When promoting the truck they claim the following using a deep tough sounding guys voice, “Guts-Glory-Ram”. But all that tells me is it is a big ugly gas guzzling Dodge truck!! There are lots of saying and for the most part they have a meaning, sometimes subtle sometimes obvious. For example “the apple doesn’t fall far the tree”, “he’s his fathers son”,”a rolling stone gathers no moss”,”Penny wise pound foolish” and so on, you probably get the idea. Now I have heard another saying about big trucks, one which I find of particular interest and it goes something like this. “Guys driving big trucks are compensating for having a small penis” I find it hard to associate that with Guts , Glory and particularly with Ram????. However, there is another tantalizing reason I find that so interesting, it is because I drive a Mini Cooper!!!! Not sure there are any sayings about the Mini or the people that drive them?? But how about an ad using the sexy voice of a woman saying “The Little car that has Guts Glory and Can”, now there is surely some advertizing value in that eh?????!!! But seriously!!! my blog is written today to mock the tiresome and inane adverts that invade our homes through the medium of television.

God Bless and keep reading

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Simple Politics Explained


Whether Conservative, Liberal or NDP, I think you’ll get a kick out of this!
A little boy goes to his dad and asks, ‘What is Politics?’
Dad says, ‘Well son, let me try to explain it this way:
I am the head of the family, so call me The Prime Minister.
Your mother is the administrator of the money, so we call her the Government.
We are here to take care of your needs, so we will call you the People.
The nanny, we will consider her the Working Class.
And your baby brother, we will call him the Future.
Now think about that and see if it makes sense.’
So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad has said.
Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him.
He finds that the baby has severely soiled his nappy.
So the little boy goes to his parent’s room and finds his mother asleep. Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny’s room.
Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny..
He gives up and goes back to bed.
The next morning, the little boy say’s to his father, ‘Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now. ‘
The father says, ‘Good, son, tell me in your own words what you think politics is all  about.’
The little boy replies, ‘The Prime Minister is screwing the Working Class while the Government is sound asleep.
The People are being ignored and the Future is in deep shit.’

Now we all understand the complicated world of politics eh!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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Is Harper as Straight as an Arrow

harperplane10362378_576883832430581_2020252274549564445_nOver the last few days Prime Minister Steven Harper has flown along the proposed route for the new Gateway Pipe line from the Tar Sands of Alberta to the BC coastline. A pipeline to deliver heavy bitumen to the large tankers that will navigate the pristine inland waterways of British Columbia’s coast . A beautiful coastline dotted with many tiny islands where the waters meander through narrow and often treacherous inlets, rocks and shoals. It has been said this is one of the most difficult bodies of water to navigate safely. Huge tankers carrying thousands of gallons of thick black goo like oil will be doing just that if the pipeline goes through!  Sounds okay right? Surely  if our intrepid leader Stevie thinks its okay, then it must be??? However, many First Nation members from the affected areas seem not to agree!!.  I can’t confirm this next piece of information, but it is believed the Prime Minister took Mike Duffy along and located him in the cargo space directly under the passenger cabin to photograph the passing landscape below the flight path. Duffy was delighted to be back in the PM’s good graces and even more delighted to see so many First Nation people turn out to greet him. They appeared very excited to see the Old Duffster again, they were enthusiastically waving, shouting, jumping up and down dressed in colourful tribal costume. Some were beating drums and he was quite sure he even saw a few shooting friendly arrows at the plane, just one more nice touch for First nation traditions. It reminded Duffster of the old Western movies where the wagons circled in the face of charging and terrifying Indian war parties. Arrows flying all over the place while the construction crews, oops!! I mean early settlers tried to make friends with the Warriors before stealing their lands. Prime Minister Harper might want to consider a peace pipe rather than an oil pipe. I can’t help but think a few of our First nation people are not in favour of this project, come to think of it, not many Canadians are in favour either!!!The question is, will Harper get the point, seems he needs a sharp jab in the you know what!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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How The Mighty Fall

duffy I watched a very interesting TV program (Fifth Estate) on Sunday evening that followed the life of Mike Duffy. He was indeed born and raised on PEI and many of his school friends were interviewed on the show last night. He was a man with great ambition and drive, a natural speaker and journalist. For many years he was very successful in his chosen profession, he was popular and well known. But alas, like so many successful people he wanted more. Duffy secretly dreamed of becoming a Senator and indeed proposed himself to several Prime Ministers, from Mulroney Turner Chretien and finally to Harper!!! All his attempts were rebuffed by successive Prime Ministers until Duffy lowered his master stroke. During the federal election campaign  in which it looked very much like Liberal leaderDion would beat Harper Duffy acted. Dion was being interviewed by CTV and he struggled to answer a question that had been asked in English. It was asked in a convoluted way and difficult to comprehend and answer, he asked the interviewer if they could start over and ask the question again. The rest of the interview went well, however Duffy grabbed the small section where Dion had struggled and asked to start over. He played it on the national news over and over, just that one brief but clearly damaging part. Well you know the outcome, Harper’s party won the election and a few weeks later Duffy was a Senator. It ever there was a smoking gun this was it. Duffy became the loyal conservative bag man, raising funds where ever he went. He was a most popular figure in Harper’s inner circle, at least for the moment. Perhaps his greatest weakness was his sense of entitlement, he loved buying and wearing suits costing thousands of dollars. He was leading a life style of luxury most of us only dream of. Like so many others Duffy’s dream ended and became his nightmare. His expenses were being investigated, his apparent permanent Island residence turned out not to be so permanent, Duffy had lived in Ottawa for forty years but claimed it wasn’t his primary home!!! The Prime Ministers Office at first tried to cover up the looming scandal. They offered to give Duffy a cheque to  pay back the questionable expenses. However when they learned how much he owed they backed off. Nigel Wright then attempted to avert disaster by giving Duffy a personal cheque for $90,000 (Alleged) but that too backfired.  Wright resigned from Government but later Harper claimed he was fired? The RCMP have now charged Duffy with 31 criminal offenses including fraud, abuse of trust and bridery. Its in the courts but not likely to go to trial until next year. Anyone think we might see an early election this year??? Harper is certainly scrambling behind closed doors to keep a lid on his office We are living in interesting times. And that’s my rant for this Monday morning

God Bless and keep reading.

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Chapter 13

desk etc 015

Chapter Thirteen.

The Mission Objective


Adam awoke early, it was still dark outside and the camp was silent. The small clock by his bed showed 5.30am; Adam put it down to jet lag or perhaps the different time zones.

He climbed out of his bed and headed for the shower, he need this quiet time to go over his situation. Not just the imminent possibility of time travel but the spark that had occurred between him and Eve at the manse. Eve had made no further mention of their night together and it had left him confused. Did it meant something or was it just in the heat of the moment? It certainly was important to Adam, but was now the time to bring the subject up? He decided to wait until they returned from their venture into the past. It was always possible a more opportune moment would occur.


Two hours later, freshly shaved and dressed Adam sat down beside Eve in the dinning hall. Eve greeted him with a warm smile and asked if he had slept okay. Before he had time to answer Mary rushed into the hall and joined them. She appeared anxious and worried; obviously she was the bearer of bad news. “Have either of you heard the morning news on the BBC? Iran has attacked Israel; thousands of ground troops crossed the border into Israel this morning. A dreadful and bloody battle is raging all along the border. We are only getting fragmented information out of Israel but it appears they have repelled the first wave of attack. Thousands are reported dead and the battlefield is a wasteland. Shortly after the attack began a US carrier launched an air offensive against the Iranian army supple lines. I fear we are about to go to war on a huge scale”. Mary sighed, drew a deep breath and reached for a cup of coffee. Eve looked at Adam but said nothing, what could she say? An ominous silence hung in the air; the only sound was a hiss of steam escaping from the coffee machine.


Adam finally broke the silence, “I guess we had better get on with the job at hand, it doesn’t sound like we have a lot of time”. “Yes of course,” said Mary as she rose from her chair, “let’s get down to the launch area they are waiting to brief you”.

The launch platform was located in the largest building in the compound connected to the other buildings by a series of passageways. Very convenient in moving around in winter without going outside, however that was not the reason for the design. The launch platform was an ultra sterile place; the fear of transmitting germs or foreign objects back in time or indeed bringing them forward was of great concern. Before entering the chamber each person went through a series of decontamination routines. All clothing was left outside, that included socks underwear jewelry, watches and anything else not considered a body part. White linen coveralls were worn which included hood, hands and feet.

The launch area was ablaze with high intensity lights that made Adam squint until his eyes became accustomed to the harsh glare. The place was a hive of activity with people moving around the mass of dials and flashing lights. A huge bank of computers lined one wall and seemed to be the sole domain of a young girl in a wheelchair. She had some kind of electronic gadget on her lap and her fingers were flying across the keyboard at an incredible speed.


The arrival of the three white clad figures didn’t seem to attract much attention until a middle-aged man rose and came to greet them. “Good morning folks, I’m Terry Hanley the project director and this young man must be our much awaited time traveler to accompany Eve. We are so delighted to have you here and we have much to explain to you over the next few hours. Please, let us all be seated around the conference table so we can get started”. Vida had stopped working her keyboard and joined them at the table. Eve already knew the team; Adam was the only newcomer so Terry introduced him to Vida explaining that she was the team computer expert. Two other white clad technicians joined them at the table. Terry first introduced the younger of the two as James Roberts. James was a man in his early thirties; he was tall and slim with dark shaggy hair. Adam considered that the male members of this team didn’t often visit a barber. Peter Canford was the other scientist, a little older than James with a decidedly heavier build, strikingly wild hair with strands of gray showing through. James was a genetic specialist studying any possible effects on the body caused by time travel. Peter was an expert in the field of quantum physics. As they were about to sit the hiss of air escaping from the decontamination chamber door made everyone turn to look? A short elderly gentleman appeared through the vacuum-sealed doorway. Like everyone else he was clad in the white overalls and puffing a little as he made his way to the table. “Sorry folks, I had a wee problem at the church with one of my flock. Mary jumped up and gave him a hug, “Och no to worry Angus, we couldna begin without you”. She turned to Adam; this is our very own Rev Angus MacDonald, Angus to his friends. Mary explained that the team considered Angus as their beloved leader and father of the program. “Mary will you no stop this nonsense so we can get on with the work at hand”. Angus was beaming and clearly very proud of the way Mary had just introduced him.


After a brief moment getting to know their new arrival with hand shakes and polite inquiries about Adam and his church etc the team got down to the serious business at hand. Vida was the first to begin; explaining that her main task was to accurately date the capsule arrival time in the past. Landing the capsule too far either side of the crucifixion date would render the mission wasted. She had entered all the available data into her computers. Calculation were critical but could only be based on the available information, and that was scant at best. Geologists from Germany and the United States claimed to have found scientific proof of the crucifixion date through seismic activity in the area. Earthquakes had taken place near the Dead Sea, just twenty miles from Jerusalem. Research revealed that at least two quakes occurred in the region in 31 BC and again somewhere between 26AD and 36AD. The best scientific match for the actual crucifixion date was 3rd April 33AD.

Ancient records have also revealed that the Greek Historian Phlegon wrote, “In the year of the 202nd Olympiad (AD 33) there was a great eclipse of the sun. At noon it suddenly became night for six hours and the stars appeared in the heavens. There was a great quake in Bithynia and many things were overturned in Nicaea. Reference to these events is also recorded in the Bible found in the Gospel of Matthew.


An extensive search uncovered a report made by Pontius Pilate to Tiberius Caesar explaining the events around the crucifixion of Jesus. In the report he stated, that when he was crucified darkness came over the world and the sun was hidden, a dark sky appeared and stars could be seen, but they did not shine with their usual glow. The moon did not shine all night although it was full. This report was signed by Pontius Pilate 33AD.

My computer indicates the best launch date is just three days from today. Calculations would put the capsule in the area on the morning of April 2nd 33AD. Vida stopped speaking and took a sip from a glass of water then waited for questions.

“That soon, said Terry, are we ready? Do we have all the necessary equipment? Is the capsule program complete? James showed a look of concern as he rose to speak. “I’m afraid we have another problem. As most of you know we have been sending mice back in time over the last couple of months testing for any detrimental health effects. We don’t have the expertise here to do the follow up tests and have been shipping the animals to a medical research center in Norway.” The results from the tests are concerning. Animals that spend a few hours in the past show no detrimental effects, however, at twenty four hours genetic alteration begin to appear within their cells. I left two mice for thirty hours and they were dead when we retrieved them. A complete disruption of their organs had taken place. The boffins at the research center say the human body would probably not be in danger inside a twenty four hour period”. “However, beyond that time frame it could become risky. I have evaluated the data very carefully and I don’t like the risks this could impose on a human.” I have gone over the calculations several times and remain strongly opposed to the danger this represents. My recommendation is that we focus on a twelve hour maximum time period for our people, to stay longer would be ill advised and very risky.


There was a long silence at the table while the group digested this latest setback. Finally Mary spoke. “Is that going to be enough time? We have to consider the capsule can’t park on the main street in Jerusalem. In order to remain undetected they must locate at least a two miles from the nearest dwellings.” Walking two miles over mostly unknown terrain will take time, we’d need to allow at least an hour each way That leaves roughly ten hours actually on site and we have no idea what we might accomplish in that short period of time”.

Adam had been pondering all the information and problems being put before the team. He had many questions, but one particular issue burned on his brain.


“Ladies and Gentlemen excuse me if this seems like a silly question, but I do have to ask. Angus, I’m hoping you might have an answer, because what I have heard so far goes against everything I believe in. My faith has taught me to trust in the Lord, if we are in trouble he will surely protect us.” If the world is in danger should we not pray for guidance?

Going back two thousand years to find answers or possibly ask Jesus for guidance is wrong does anyone really believe, if we manage to speak with Jesus, he will tell us what to do? We Christians believe Jesus will return one day, we just don’t know when. What I can’t believe is traveling back to ask for his help is going to work”. If we believe, and I do, that God is all seeing, all knowing and if it is his will, he will take care of us. However it is also stated in the Bible, there will be a time of Armageddon, the end of times. Perhaps our world has reached the point of no return, the accumulations of our sins, greed, cruelty, and disease. Maybe the things we are attempting to do here will all be for naught”.


Adam returned to his seat and took a deep breath. A long and silent pause followed, finally Angus spoke. He didn’t rise from his chair, but as he cleared his throat every head turned in his direction. “Aye everything yea has said Adam is very true. I have wrestled with those very same questions. At the Vatican we talked long and hard with the leaders of all the churches. We argued back and forth for days without ever reaching a general consensus. It seemed we would never find common ground. Many felt what we were attempting was wrong. Then a young Priest from Africa stood and pointed out we should look to the Bible for guidance. He said it seemed to him the Bible gives us the answer in the Book of Daniel, and in particular in chapter 12. He went on to quote the words from the 4th verse “But Thou, O Daniel shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. It took everyone by surprise, but nevertheless, what the priest had just stated made a huge statement especially the last five words.” And knowledge will be increased. Not a lot of discussion took place after that; we believed we had found the common ground we sought. You see Adam any time the church and science clash we are in trouble. Science can’t prove that God doesn’t exist and the church can’t prove he does exist. On this question we find ourselves in a conundrum. Yet we find ourselves totally dependant on each other in this mission to seek out the Son of God. The church can’t do it alone, and science can’t do it without the church. We must accept faith and science go hand in hand in this case. Years ago the church held to the belief the earth was flat. Science emphatically proved us quite wrong; this time, if we are successful we may well prove science equally wrong. Adam smiling turned to thank Angus and said. Your wisdom surpasses my concerns and objections; I believe wiser heads must prevail here and we must all place ourselves in God hands.


Terry stood and said “Folks I think that is all for this morning; lets all get back to work. The launch date is only a short way off and we need to tie up all and any loose ends. Mary, Angus would you and also you Eve and Adam please join me in my office. We have a matter of some importance to discuss”. Once everyone was seated around Terry’s desk, Tom Bradshaw arrived. Terry began, “Tom believes we have a serious breach of security, I’ll let him explain”. “Ladies and Gentlemen, as you know we have the very finest security monitoring system here at the compound.” Nothing goes out or comes in without our knowledge. However, when the capsule was being transported here from the US our submarine encountered a hostile Iranian submarine. According to the Captain of the Alcide the Iranian was expecting him or at least looking for him. The question is how did he know where to look? Here at the compound something has arisen that concerns me greatly, I believe someone in the camp is transmitting to an outside source. We first spotted a very slight blip on the monitor in the first week It occurred on a Sunday evening at exactly 10 PM. At first we discounted it as perhaps static or a weather anomaly, but when the same blip appeared the following week on the same day and at the same time, alarm bells went off “We have now registered a third blip and that has convinced me it is a high speed transmission of some kind. So far we are unable to locate the source or who is receiving the transmission. I have gone over the backgrounds of everyone employed in the compound that were on site each of the four Sunday nights. Our records show the following personnel were here. Doctor Hanley of course, plus James Roberts, Peter Canford and Vida Kazemi. Angus was not there on every Sunday so we have eliminated him. Everyone else and all their belongings were thoroughly searched upon entering the camp No one had anything that could remotely be considered an electronic device; with one exception our young Iranian computer person has an electric wheel chair. We thoroughly scanned it when she joined us and found nothing suspicious. However, in light of the recent transmissions my nose tells me we may have missed something hidden in that chair Last night we monitored an identical blip coming into the camp. I must assume this was some sort of final instruction regarding the launch. My recommendation is that we keep Miss Kazemi out of the launch area from now until the mission is completed. Remove her from any further participation in the project. It is of course your decision Doctor Hanley, but I seriously believe to allow her into the launch area would be too great a risk. I realize I have no firm proof at this moment but our investigation is ongoing and I assure you we will get to the bottom of this. So, ladies and gentlemen I will leave you to make your decision, I have much work to do that can’t wait”.


Terry stood, “My goodness it sounds very serious, yet Vida seems like such a pleasant young woman it’s hard to imagine her as a spy. However, we must take the information seriously and until Mr. Bradshaw either proves her innocent or guilty it would seem wise to keep her out of the loop. Mary said, “I agree, it is far too risky and as she has completed all the programming data for the launch it will only require re-checking and I can do that. I don’t think we should mention any of this to her or give her any reason for suspicion, best to act normal around her. Everyone agreed and the meeting closed.


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Next Car Show

chris2top down mini 2All ready to head out to the next car show, even have a handsome young chauffeur to drive me. Unfortunately he appears to still be in his pajamas. Perhaps I had better drive myself because I’m going to church en-route. The show is tomorrow Sunday 20th in O’Leary at the Centennial Park, 1Pm to 4pm. The show is a part of the Potato Blossom Festival celebration with lots more activities. Should be a fun day out and the Mini is once again spotless and gleaming. The weather promises to be very nice, sunshine and warm temperatures, definitely top down driving and showing. Hope to see you all there!!!!!

God Bless and keep reading

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Tell Me What You Think

desk etc 015Tomorrow I will post chapter 13 of my book (13 unlucky for some) and have been thinking about the title. Its a little blah! doesn’t really tell a prospective reader much or indeed even catch the eye of a prospective reader. “Chapter XXI” doesn’t do it for me! how about this “Chapter XXI Armageddon”???? I would appreciate any thoughts you might have on this subject. I do need to stick with the idea of the title so chapter XXI has to stay and I thought Armageddon might add some much needed drama to the title. On the down side the word Armageddon has been used in dozens of book titles, still that might not be a bad thing either! I also realize the proposed cover photo will need some work but that isn’t a big issue at this point. The title is a bit of a conundrum, I think about the very successful book titled “Angelas Ashes”. That title didn’t tell me very much until I read the book. It was recommended to me, that`s how I came to read it, but would I have picked it up to read just based on the title, not so sure I would. I would love to hear your comments,advice etc.


God Bless and keep reading

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Duffster in The Dumpster???

duffyduffyblowupInteresting days ahead as the Duffy saga unfolds in the courts. I think one thing is for sure, if he is going down he will do his best to take others with him. He has 31 charges laid against him by the RCMP, they are Fraud, Breach of trust and bribery. I believe the $90.000  payment will be a key issue.  The major question is this, when Duffy accepted the money it became a bribe, but for Nigel Wright who gave the money to Duffy its not a bribe. Duffy’s lawyer has already jumped on this as part of the case. I can only imagine the turmoil in the Prime Ministers Office! lots of panic, lots of potential witnesses, not the least of which could be Harper himself . However, I can see Harper wiggling his way out of this situation and not allowing himself to be called as a witness. He will probably find some obscure parliamentary law to protect him from embarrassment. Still its going to be fun watching the news over the next few months, almost as good as Coronation Street. It could have the potential for a new soap opera, how about “Ottawa! as the Stomach Turns”. Joking aside, I hope this trial exposes the corruption within the walls of parliament. I hope a wide RCMP net catches a lot more of the bent and greedy politicians who abuse the trust placed with them. As for Duffy I have no sympathy, he is guilty of fraud to say the least.  He admitted as much on CBC Compass when he claimed his primary residence was Cavendish but stayed in Charlottetown at the George Hotel in winter. He compromised himself again when he claimed on Compass that he and his wife had decided to pay back the living expense claims until the issue was settled. I believe he actually stated he got a bank loan to make the payment, no mention of Wright or the infamous $90 thou cheque???? So sit back folks, this story is only just beginning and it promises to be good.

God Bless and keep reading

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Are We Headed for Disaster?

wes_sheridan_mediumalan_mcisaac_mediumjanice-sherryron_mackinley_mediumrobertghizA Government out of control. Should we be worried??????


Government credit card used for fast food on a regular basis, Lowest standard of Education in the country, highest taxes in the country, and no sharing of important info on deep water wells the secrets are just for Janice!!!!.
Oh Boy!!!!! Where do we begin? there are so many issues that should be covered but would take up too much space in this blog . I believe the real arrogance of this Government began on the night of the last election. I suspect many Islanders besides me noticed when Robert Ghiz chastised the people of Souris over the air waves for not re-electing Alan Campbell . He stated publicly that Mr Campbell was a great guy and would have a job the following morning in the Premiers office. He followed that up with a punishment for the people of Souris. No new school, we can’t afford it! yet he could afford to build a new school in his own district. I only remind you of these things so we might take more seriously the present direction of this Government. I’m referring to the probable removal of the moratorium on deep water wells as asked for by the potato industry. Just last night on CBC Compass (21st Jan) Janice Sherry Minister of the Environment stated she had received reports dealing with the issues concerning deep wells. The interviewer asked if she would make them public? No, she replied, they are only for me. (that was six months ago but to date we still don’t have the info). More signs of arrogance! this Minister should be reminded of who she works for and who pays her salary. The last time I checked it wasn’t the potato industry. Now I could be wrong and indeed I hope I’m but it appears the lifting of this moratorium is a done deal. We have George Webster sitting on the panel that will decide the issue. Anyone think that strange? isn’t Webster a potato farmer? Then we have two Defeated liberals working on behalf of the potato industry lobbying for the lifting of the moratorium. Does this not all seem just a little bit slanted in favour of a large industrial corporation. However, the seriousness of this dangerous issue is the fact that if it becomes a done deal we can’t go back. Its not like the other issues of plan A or plan B, or even the HST. This is about the very survival of our island, we are risking the one life sustaining and precious resource for which all life depends on. If this government goes ahead with this reckless and irresponsible action it will be too late to reverse the damage it might cause.  Without water the island would become a wasteland,  I have ask the question is this really what our Provincial Government wants to do. Are they that short sighted? what about future generations surely politicians have children or grand children.  What sort of a mess will we leave to our children? Finally, its difficult to understand why I even have to write this letter of protest. The interests of the Provincial Government should follow the same lines as the majority of Islanders. They should share our concerns and act on the promises made during their election campaigns. Remember during the election campaign when they came to our doors smiling and promising to work on our behalf. Well it is already past the time for Robert Ghiz and his Government to step up and try to regain the trust they have clearly lost.  We do not need or can the island sustain deep water wells simply because a few greedy corporations want to grow more potato’s.
God Bless and keep reading

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