Questionable TV Ads

I’m talking about the constant bombardment of TV ads offering medical insurance, life insurance plans, funeral coverage etc. Plans such as Manulife’s “Cover Me”- “Flex Care” -“Canadian Protection Plan, CPP” plus similar life coverage ads from RBC and Bank of Montreal plus others. They mostly claim no one can be turned down, they claim anyone aged 40 to 80 qualify with no medicals required. And all of this wonderful coverage costs only pennies a day!!! However if you really believe you will have all the suggested coverage, you need to look very closely at the fine print. You will probably end up paying a premium of $200 per month or more (hardly pennies a day) to get any kind of real coverage. Later you will find that all the things covered have a cap, for example drugs, they might only allow up to $800 per year, you might have prescriptions that cost you $100 to $200 or more per month.
The ads are clearly aimed at seniors/pensioners and give a false impression of security. I also notice in most of these ads, near the end of the TV spot they screen for a couple of seconds some very small print that is impossible to read. I would venture a guess that this small print is what makes the ad legal? So Folks like so many things today its buyer beware.  Don’t forget that includes your vote in the upcoming election. Be careful not to fall for these promises that don’t take effect until approx 2015 or maybe never!!!
Just my rant for the day!!
Cheers and keep reading

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