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Sad Sad Sad

Oh Dear!! Canada are out of the world cup, they lost to France today 4-0. They have one more game to play but the end is in sight, only a miracle can save them now. Cheers and keep reading

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Women’s World Cup

As a long time promoter of girls soccer I’m very disappointed with the Canadian Media’s coverage of the Women’s World Cup. CBC is the only organization showing the games. The Charlottetown Guardian has yet to print any info on the … Continue reading

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Harper Punishment Continued!!!

In yesterdays paper there was an article on the poor condition of the prison (includes federal Inmates)in Newfoundland, built in the mid 19th century and in dire need of replacement. Even though Harper said he was going to get tough … Continue reading

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Go Girls Canada

Great first game for Canada in the Women’s World Cup of Soccer. They were defeated by Germany 2-1 in a very good game. Germany is rated top female team in the world so Canada did exceptionally well. It looks good … Continue reading

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A way to beat Herr Harper

It occurred to me last night that there might be a solution to Harper’s majority. It appears he has upset Peter MacKay on more than a few occasions. The latest being the moving of the ship building program to Quebec. … Continue reading

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Harper Punishment

The removal of the St Johns NFLD rescue center to Halifax is clearly a punishment for Newfoundlander’s because they didn’t vote for Harper. He consistently abuses the Atlantic provinces and now we can include endangerment to his record. Its ridiculous … Continue reading

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Oh Boy! after all my ranting about the content of the newspaper and TV see what happens. A story in today’s Guardian on the front page no less and featuring yours truly. I hope you all consider this news worthy … Continue reading

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This is News????

‘Hitler is Dead’ was news the world wanted to hear. Female inmates complaining about the prisons not suiting their tastes or the nonsense run on tonight’s Compass just boggles the mind. Do we really need to hear about two lobsters … Continue reading

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Oversight by PEI

I’m not looking for an invitation, but surely someone from the Duke of Edinburgh Council should have received an invitation to one of the Royal’s functions. It seems like quite an oversight to me???? Cheers and keep reading

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Oh Dear!! Our Prisons are uncomfortable!!!

I’m not sure what point our society has reached or what people expect these days. I’m referring to the front page of the Charlottetown Guardian paper on Saturday 18th June 2011.”Female Inmates Unhappy With Jail Conditions”. The poor dears!!! why, … Continue reading

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