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An Amazing Feat

I think this is an amazing achievement and feat of work, requiring a lot of patience and money!!! Peter began his project a few years ago. The chassis and wheels were stored in my barn for quite awhile. He made … Continue reading

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Mystery Part???

When bought the Lambretta a box of parts came with it. I have located where all these parts go except one??? I’m throwing this photo out to all you clever readers in the hope you might identify what this is. … Continue reading

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The Lambretta!!!

I’m sure you are all anxiously awaiting photos of my fabulous Lambretta Serveta Li150 Special of 1976 vintage. Its a great little scooter and in excellent condition. It was partly dismantled when I bought it, and I have spent several … Continue reading

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A New Form of Transport

On Saturday 27th August 2011 I might have attempted to return to my youth?? I bought a 1976 Lambretta scooter. When I was stationed at HMS Harrier in 1959 I often rode around the Welsh country side on a Lambretta. … Continue reading

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Arsenal are Sinking!!!

Maybe I should have titled my heading Arsenal are Stinking!!. Three league games and only one point earned, Three league games and three Red cards. Its terrible, they have lost good players and have filled the vacant spots with teenagers. … Continue reading

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A Short Story

My Austin Seven and Me.(circa 1960) (not exactly as illustrated) In the nineteen fifties and sixties I prided myself, as most boys did, in recognizing the many individual makes and models of cars on the road. Today it is all … Continue reading

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What is this country coming too????

When I decided to immigrate to Canada in 1966 I was told at Canada House in Belfast N.Ireland. Son, if you go to Canada you will have to work hard there are no handouts there! Boy have those values changed … Continue reading

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My Faith Restored!

Arsenal 3-1 Udinese. I now know why I have been an Arsenal fan since 1951, they are a great team. Lately they have come under a lot of criticism along with their manager. Indeed their first two league games have … Continue reading

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A Great Canadian

The death of Jack Layton is a huge loss to Canada and the Canadian people, Rest in Peace Jack. I’m not sure if our Provincial politicians are still alive or not??? the silence is deafening!!!. Nothing but troubles ahead for … Continue reading

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Liberal Campaign begins West!!

On Compass last night we saw Robert Ghiz and his gang begin their election campaign. Do politicians really think we are dense??? Ghiz stated his government was actually doing things for rural PEI. Example – the new body shop in … Continue reading

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