Liberal Campaign begins West!!

On Compass last night we saw Robert Ghiz and his gang begin their election campaign. Do politicians really think we are dense??? Ghiz stated his government was actually doing things for rural PEI. Example – the new body shop in Tignish and Holland College in Alberton
He said “we don’t look for photo ops sitting on a tractor or such, we do real work for the people of PEI”, or words to that effect. It made me think back to the CBC show “Make the Politician work” with Robert Ghiz posing as a fisherman!! Was that a photo op? was it entertainment? or maybe just silly comedy. The point is, the people want to know what you plan to do if re-elected, not what you claim to have already done. Spreading the work around helps one area and hurts another, it does not create jobs. Health care and recruiting doctors is of primary concern to so many islanders, but you don’t talk about your record in that field?? Then there is the deficit, now that would be a great photo op!
Why oh why am I so cynical???
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1 Response to Liberal Campaign begins West!!

  1. Brad Trivers says:

    Just met with Olive Crane and my caucus colleagues yesterday. It re-affirmed that the PC party is all about Islanders and making real changes – not playing political games. Here is just the beginning of the PC platform:

    – $100 per month in support for individuals claiming parental, maternity or adoption leave EI benefits (

    – ensuring the recruitment process for a rheumatologist begins within the first 30 days after being elected to Government and the commitment of a rheumatologist fulfilled within one year (

    If you want change, you have to vote for change.

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