The Provincial Election is Underway

Thought a photo of Blarney Castle was a good way to start this post!! We are going to hear a lot of Blarney over the next few weeks.

We are back in election mode once more. On Saturday Gary Bowness (PC) visited, seems a reasonable candidate. Of course, they are all reasonable when after your vote. He mentioned that at 8 out of 10 calls he was being told that all politicians are crooks. Unfortunately that is a title politicians have earned all by themselves, be they federal or provincial. The patronage, the promises that never happen, the waste of taxpayers money, and the one that irks me the most, treating the voting public like we are fools. On a more positive note I have met Olive Crane and she is a very nice lady. I hope she is elected. The PC’s have a completely new slate of candidates, I don’t know many of them, but then I don’t know many of the liberals either. The exception being the ones pulling the strings. Vessey’s wife getting a big job because he didn’t get his cabinet post right away. What happened to the Minister of Agriculture’s brother and the fish kill, funny we never heard much about that????We have a huge deficit but still opened a new liquor outlet in Stratford? Borden Hills or waves not sure what they are going to call that two million waste of money. It reminded me of the battle fields from the 1st world war. The list is endless, what about doctors??? what about paying $100,00 per year for the Rockets hockey team. I have to stop! I’m getting madder by the minute.
I think I’m still voting Green!!!

Oops! don’t know if we have a Green candidate in our district

Cheers and keep reading

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