PNP is Important But???

I’m all for a full disclosure regarding the PNP issue. However I’m also concerned and disappointed that the PC’s have made no mention about the recent fish kills and the ridiculous $3000 fine that was imposed, not nearly enough. They have not mentioned farm practices and or the use of chemical sprays. These are important issues and we know the Liberals aren’t going to venture into this area. They appear to have problems in the rural areas already. The PC’s are the only other major party so its up to them to have the courage to raise this subject. There are more voters that are not farmers than those that are. Come on PC’s we need to attend to this now.
Cheers and keep reading.

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1 Response to PNP is Important But???

  1. Brad Trivers says:

    In my canvassing people bring this subject up often. I was speaking with a constituent that works directly with conservation officers and he said the problem is not regulation on their side – conservation officers write many tickets and bring up many issues regarding buffer zones, improper chemical use, etc. This person said that time and time again the farmer makes “a couple of phone calls” and the ticket is ripped up. It really is a matter of political interference and patronage that must be stopped.

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