More Herr Harper

Anyone with concerns about our Canada should read this complete article. When I think of the MacKay Helicopter rides (et al Cabinet minister questionable expenses) his overseas travel hotels etc and the questionable excuses used to justify them. It becomes apparent the rot /arrogance flows from the top.

Be Very Afraid: Stephen Harper Is Inventing A New Canada

Cheers and keep reading.

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2 Responses to More Herr Harper

  1. canuckcookie says:

    Bah HUMBUG my friend The Right Hon Stephen Harper and his ministers have formed the finest Government in years. Would you wish Canadian Ministers to be seen as third world leaders living in Motel 6 or representing us as befits Canada’s duly elected Leaders.
    As for the HELO this MND has done more for the military than any MND in the past 40 years.As for his hotel what about the nights he spent in hoochies and dugouts in Afghanistan in Forward Operating Bases.
    As for the huffington post it also shows a story of an inept (Cannot decide if he is Lib or NDP interim Leader) Bob Rae going to the troubled Native Reserve well after the fact it may be known.
    But this is Canada and we all have a right to our opinions
    Have a Great Christmas Season
    Robby (Ps Bob Rae is related to me a 2cd or third cousin on my Mothers side)

  2. irishroverpei says:

    H’mmm well you do have some good family in your back ground Robby. Regarding the other, I remain very unconvinced about Harper and his crowd. just because the conservatives have helped our military financially it doesn’t mean military helicopters should be at their beck and call for junkets

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