Charlottetown Transit goes Green!!!

Is it possible they got the idea of going green from my VW bus???. I listened to Mike Cassidy owner of the city transit system on the radio. These people must really think we are easily impressed/fooled etc. They have raised the fares for 2012 but also claim to have greatly improved the service. All I learned from what he said in the radio interview was that they are painting the buses green. Isn’t that a brilliant idea, going green. I look at some of the huge antique and smelly diesel buses, buses probably bought at some large city’s dept of transport yard sale and wonder if they are insane or is it me???? I don’t have all the facts but often see these 30-40 seat buses lumbering around the streets with one or two passengers?. Would it not make more sense to have small 20 passenger fuel saving buses??
Cheers and keep reading.

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2 Responses to Charlottetown Transit goes Green!!!

  1. canuckcookie says:

    Good Day my friend. Charlottetown Buses ! ! ! ! Painting them green is certainly not improving anything. They are disgusting buses and a City like Charlottetown should be ashamed to call it a Transit Service. I wrote many times about the lack of public transit through out PEI. To no Avail. I however am now in Victoria which has a wonderful, clean, efficient and professional transit system. For $1.50 (Seniors fare) I can travel from my block to the Ferries 28.5 Km (Google Maps). This ride takes 51 mins lots of comfotable time to read. At the Ferry if I am travelling to Vancouver the Ferry is Free for Seniors Mon-Thurs all the way to Vancover 90 mins. Then a Senior fare of $1.50 on the Vancouver bus to downtown or the airport. The buses kneel down and have special ramps that open for disabled wheelchairs or scooters. A great service in the City of Newly Weds and Nearly deads.
    Charlottetown being the cradle of Confederation would do well to dump the current trashy buses and to move forward in the current century.
    A Great Subject mi amigo.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    It really makes me angry, they receive subsidies from Provincial Gov and from the city. UPEI students have to purchase a bus pass as part of their tuition fees,its not a choice. These ridiculously big old buses lumber around the city mostly empty??

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