About Religion???

The former Bishop of Antigonish. NS. was convicted yesterday for having thousands of child pornographic pictures in his possession. His jail time while awaiting trial was considered adequate so he walked away a free man. He is on probation and the child sex offender list, but that’s it. I realize his career is over, and indeed his future bleak so perhaps that is punishment enough. The problem is the Catholic church and several protestant churches still refuse to change their beliefs and ways. Homosexuals are regarded by many denominations as sinners that can be cured. Such nonsense is hard to believe and or accepted by sane people. I know many gay people and they are no more a sinner than anyone else. My youngest daughter is gay, and I still love her dearly. How can parents raise a child loving it dearly, then when they find out the child is gay tell them they are sinners or worse disown them completely. I like to think I’m a Christian, or at least trying to be and for that reason my love for my daughter is unconditional. Food for though for all the self righteous bigots out there.

On a lighter note! Man U lost another game yesterday 3-1 to Newcastle, two losses in a week Wow!!! life is good
Cheers and keep reading.

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2 Responses to About Religion???

  1. Tony Miles says:

    I have always thought it most unatural for priests to be celebate and difficult for them as well. How they can give advice on marraige and family problems, I can’t begin to guess. Not having an outlet for their normal sexual desires must only result in the child abuse that so many priests are guilty of. The adults in most cases are able to ward of any undesirable advances.
    With regard to your feelings for your daughter is admirable, my son is also gay. We have never had a problem and he is in a long term relationship which we hope will last forever. He has a Phd and lives and works in Hong Kong, very successfully I might add.

  2. irishroverpei says:

    What really bothers me is the Roman Catholic church has covered this up for years, and moved the offending priests to new areas, where they start all over again. But its not only the Catholic church, Baptist and several of the evangelist churches are just as bad preaching bigotry and hatred against gays. Being a christian is or should be about love, of course these people will be quick to defend their beliefs and tell you they love the sinner but hate the sin. Pure hogwash in my mind. They apparently have forgotten the warning “Judge not last you be judged” Just my view, unfortunately not shared by everyone.

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