Christmas 1964

During the summer of 1964 we were patrolling somewhere near Bermuda. I had the privilege of viewing a tall ship through the search periscope as we lurked fifty feet below the surface
The search periscope is the larger of the two units and gives a much clearer view of vessels on the surface and is mainly used for navigation. It would never be used in an attack because of its large profile, the smaller attack periscope is much more difficult to spot. Seeing a four master under full sail through any periscope was like going back in time. We later surfaced to watch these magnificent ships of a bygone era sailing by. The photo I have posted of the Alcide with a tall ship in the background was later used as our Christmas card. Unfortunately, I no longer recall the name of that particular tall ship. Having the rare opportunity to see so many grand ships racing at full sail across the North Atlantic Ocean, is something quite unforgettable. It was truly an amazing sight to see.
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