Flag Day in Canada

Sorry I missed it! didn’t realize yesterday was Flag Day in Canada. What worries me is, if I missed it how many other Canadians did too?? Do we take this great land too much for granted, do we not appreciate what we have? All good questions. It makes me think back to 1966 when I visited Canada House in Belfast N.Ireland to inquire about immigrating. I was told by the gentleman interviewing me, he said son ,if you are going to be successful in Canada I had better be prepared to work hard, there are no hand outs. I arrived on 18th January 1967 at Pier 21 in Halifax NS, I had a job waiting as I had wrote ahead to secure one. I guess the man at Canada
House had left an impression on me,(no hand outs eh!)
On the 20th January I was hard at work. Looking back some 45 years later I have no regrets and I’m proud to call my self a Canadian. Sadly much has changed in those 45 years. We have hand outs, we have corruption. I now see a great country with massive debts governed by greedy politicians both federally and provincially. Paying themselves huge salaries, and lucrative expense accounts for travel meals etc. Gold plated pensions and patronage plus a senate that costs millions to do what ,we are not sure. Sad indeed, I wonder what happened to the man that interviewed me all those years ago. Nevertheless, I love Canada and do my part where I see a need. I fly the Flag at my home with pride. You should too.
Cheers and keep reading.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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1 Response to Flag Day in Canada

  1. canuckcookie says:

    Irish Rover fellow immigrant and PROUD FELLOW CANADIAN. I agree the flag day is not well advertised for the nation. I remember Feb 15th 1965 being on parade in Ft Chambly Soest Germany. I stood proudly at attention witnessing our Canadian Flag being raised for the first time in Germany. 4 years later I was sworn in as a Canadian and have been proud of that fact ever since. Canadians do not realise what a magnificent country we have and the Freedoms that come with being in a well respected Democracy. No matter what political ilk one may be as Canadians we are free. As for the Work hard there are no handouts as much as you, I and many earlier immigrants worked at any job. It seems that the majority of newer immigrants wish HAND Outs first and foremost. But that is a subject for a later discussion. God Bless Canada and all Canadians.

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