This poor guy feels really Sorry!!!!!!!!

The posted photo is of James Clark on his way to court. Now, doesn’t he look really remorseful and sorry in that photo???? This Lout has no respect for people,property or the law. He was way beyond the legal limit when he decided to drive a car. He failed to stop at a red light crashed through a parking lot severely damaging two cars. He then became airborne and crashed through the side of a duplex where the car burst into flames. Fortunately no one was at home at the time, but two family pets were killed, and two families lost their homes and most of their belongings. Clark was driving while suspended,the car was not registered, he did not have a valid driver license or insurance and was on probation for an early crime. The cost of damage he caused was $250.000. He and his girl friend walked away from the crash with minor cuts and bruises, he later learned he had a broken ankle. In court today for the hearing Clark’s defence counsel said his client was remorseful for what he had done and feels badly.
Yeah right! take another look at the photo, I hope the judge does too. Its times like this when I think our Prime Minister is right to enact a new ‘tough on Crime’ bill. I hope Clark feels the full force of the law. But I expect at best he’ll get a few months in the local detention centre or maybe house arrest. Who’s idea was it to do away with chain gangs??? I’m disgusted.
Cheers and keep reading.

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1 Response to This poor guy feels really Sorry!!!!!!!!

  1. canuckcookie says:

    Sadly Ben I believe you are correct. The bleeding heart judiciary of PEI will feel sorry for the perp. Not for the family whose home life and Pet companions has been shattered.
    PEI Judges make the highest pay in Canada and are great with house arrest and or a slap on the wrist.
    in excess of 220K per annum per judge.
    Our Poor RCMP and other police forces are snookered by soft judges.
    Take care

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