This Advertizing Stinks

I picked this article off Facebook and it runs along the same lines I have often blogged about. I find a great deal of advertizing very loud and offensive, in particular, ads from Manulife – RBC-BMO-Sunlife and Canada Protection Plan. Notice the latter one is a clone of CPP – Canada Pension Plan. All these firms advertize insurance of one sort or another, they all claim coverage for just pennies a day. They all claim no one can be turned down. Ages range from young to 80 years of age, and most importantly there are no medicals required. Then there is the CHIP mortgage plan, this company wants to steal your home for less than a third of its value. These companies use TV ads usually featuring happy seniors riding into the sunset on motor scooters, or smiling and hugging graduating grandchildren to whom they provided the means to attend college. These ads make me sick, they are designed to prey on seniors and take their money. I have had experience with Manulife, and believe me they are not the kind and generous people they portray on TV. They love to take your money (you can’t be turn down), but try getting some back??? Why are these greedy preying companies allowed to air their grossly misleading ads to the viewing public
Cheers and keep reading.

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2 Responses to This Advertizing Stinks

  1. Rhonda says:

    Hi there:

    I’ve seen some of the Manulife ads on Alberta tv, and what I’m seeing is gradual brainwashing of people, getting them used to the idea of private health care insurance, which will replace the Canadian health care system eventually as the provinces scramble to try to keep up with health care costs as Ottawa’s role fades into the background. They’ll be too busy trying to pay for those new prisons and increased case loads, and without federal direction and goals, they’ll opt for handing it over to the private insurance companies.

    Am I wrong? (I sure hope so).

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi Rhonda
      Manulife have their finger in just about every pie, and are indeed a concern and do have their greedy eye on our health care system. Overall I believe its the present government that we need to watch closely. I have never seen anything like what is happening now. Harper has used every trick in the book to stay in power, from proroguing to these latest robocalls. I’m still trying to understand how he came by a majority when more than 60% of the voting public didn’t vote for him. I think Harper wants to be president of Canada, and watching him in action its not hard to see his tendency to a dictatorship. Very frightening possibilities and not too far off how Hitler came to power in Germany, he only had 32% of the vote when they appointed him Chancellor. Food for thought!!

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