Harper accuses Liberals of making illegal phone calls to stop voters going to the right polling stations. In a statement to the RCMP Herr Harper claimed to have absolute proof the Liberals used an American company to make the calls. When asked for the proof he produced this photo of a the American call center offices, he also noted the building was painted Liberal red. The RCMP suggested the red phone box might be British, not liberal or American. Harper now suspects the RCMP of being a Liberal red coat police force.

Reading this you are probably asking yourself, what nonsense am I talking about???The simple answer, I’m talking the same sort of nonsense as is coming out of Conservatives mouths in Parliament this past week regarding robocalls. If the government is not guilty then stop calling it a smear tactic and call an immediate public investigation into the whole issue. If as they claim they are not guilty, they have nothing to lose. From what I have heard so far, they are as guilty as hell!!!!!! and I’m sure a great majority of the Canadian Public believe so too.
Cheers and keep reading.

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2 Responses to Robocalls

  1. Tony Miles says:

    Hi Ben, Your Government sounds a lot like the committee we are dealing with in a certain association we both belong to. We do have a British red phone box and even a double decker London bus outside the Sleep Inn in Midland Michigan. Perhaps the liberals are using that as their new HQ.

  2. canuckcookie says:

    31,0000 that is THIRTY ONE THOUSAND complaints, received WHEN ???? Nine 9 Months after the election. Who in all honesty would have recorded names dates times etc of calls 9 months ago. I feel that the opposition are putting Canada’s honourable name in the world.
    ie supervising elections globally, these complaints which have yet to be verified are dragging us ( Canadians) down.
    There are FAR more pressing issues for canada. pensions, Crime, veterans affairs and many many other issues which will effect Canada and Canadians far more than a commission investigating cyber calls, robocalls or whatever. I feel very strongly that if by elections are held due to these so called complaints.It will not change the Majority Government in fact it may improve the Majority.
    my Thoughts and my Opinions as a Canuck

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