A Touch of Blarney

I thought it was time to give the vaudeville theatrics from parliament hill a rest. Time to get down to some current business, Saint Patrick. We are well into the month of March and just ten days away from the celebration of that famous
Irish guy. Now, isn’t that more interesting than reading about Del Mastro latest inane comments. In fact that might be a good idea for the old Del Boy, to kiss the Blarney Stone in the hope of adding some eloquence when he rises to speak in the House????
The Blarney Stone – Myth or Legend?

The Blarney stone has woven around itself a unique tradition of myth, legend and
Romance. It is said that the secret of the holy stone was given to Cormac MacCarthy, King of Munster by the local witch whom he saved from drowning in the lake behind the castle. It is also said that the stone was brought back from the Crusades and that it was made into two halves. One is the Stone of Scone also known as the Stone of Destiny, the other half was given to Cormac MacCarthy by Robert Bruce of Scotland in gratitude for the Irish army of four thousand men which was sent to help him at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314. Whatever its origins, through the centuries the stone has succeeded in strengthening the mystical romance and legend that reaches to the four corners of the world as is evident by the thousands of people who visit Blarney Castle every year just to kiss this mysterious stone in hope of receiving the gift of eloquence or perhaps to capture a little of the mystique that is the Blarney Stone.

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3 Responses to A Touch of Blarney

  1. Tony Miles says:

    Hi Ben, Not wanting to ruin a myth but the Blarney Stone opening in the castle always reminds me of that other opening in most castles that led straight down into the moat. Perhaps that would make me hesitant in Kissing it!!

    • irishroverpei says:

      Ah Tony!! You are just trying to rain on a poor Irishman’s belief!!!! The Blarney Stone holds great secret powers, watch for my story which I will post on the 17th March. Hard to believe but absolutely true before or after Tot time!!! Yours Aye Ben

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  2. Uncle Tree says:

    The philosopher’s stone in disguise – is it knot?
    Always reminds me of Blarney Rubble of The Flintstones.
    Or was that Barney. Aye! That was so long ago.

    Peace be with ye today. Cheerz! UT 🙂

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