More on Advertizing Scams

If you watched Marketplace on CBC last night you will know what I’m talking about. Rogers (not a relative nor spelled correctly) have been advertizing regularly on the air waves of late. I note in the ad there appears some small print for a few seconds. Certainly not on long enough or large enough to read. Obviously this is a part of their offer they don’t want you to be aware of. On Marketplace they exposed some of these small print details that they didn’t want us to read. Lets say you sign a contract with Rogers for a package deal for phone TV internet etc. They tell you are locked in for a fixed term and amount, for maybe two or three years. Which is what we want, we can now budget the costs over the contract period, Right? Noooo!!! Wrong, hidden in the fine print of the contract that you signed in good faith is a clause. Rogers can raise the monthly amount at any time. But you can’t break the contract without paying a penalty,sorry but you signed on. If you went to court you would naturally win the case with ease. However, who would go to court over a couple of hundred dollars. The lawyer and court cost alone would be far more expensive that what you would win. Rogers know this so continue their illegal policy without fear of prosecution. The only way to beat them would be a class action, and that would take time and a lot of effort. Not too many people are going to bother. Therefore the only other course of action is,- Do Not Use Rogers. Read all contracts carefully its not just Rogers, they all do it , Bell, big banks etc. It makes me mad, why aren’t we protected from these companies, where is the our consumer protection agency?????.
Cheers and keep reading.

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    We like this tv show,,

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