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Racism a terrible thing right!! but then again we Irish don’t really mind, we have always laughed at ourselves. —————————————————— Everyone seems to be in such a hurry to scream ‘racism’ these days. A customer asked, “In what aisle could … Continue reading

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Volunteers for Literacy

I’m just home from my morning at the school, what a wonderful experience it is working with children. I have been a volunteer at Central Queens Elementary school for thirteen years and have yet to grow tried of going. Believe … Continue reading

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Queens Jubilee medal

This is an update on my earlier post about politicians receiving the medal ahead of service personnel and veterans. I received a reply from Wayne Easter my local MP, he is very much on the fence!. No word yet from … Continue reading

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The Car Show

Sorry about the photo of the bus, I didn’t get any photos at the show, forgot my camera!!! I must have that memory loss thing,can’t remember what they call it!!. Anyway I decided not to post another photo of the … Continue reading

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The Sun is Shining!!!

Its a beautiful day for a car show, and my Rover is waiting in the driveway all smiles. In the photo the Lambretta is beside the car, but its long gone to Halifax. If I’d still had the scooter I … Continue reading

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Car Show

The Rover peeps out from under her cover to see if the weather is suitable for a trip into town. Its cloudy and cold this morning, rain is in the forecast. That’s okay, I don’t mind today just as long … Continue reading

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First Class Travel

I believe an important issue was missed in this incident of First Class travel via Air India. Its not so much about the waste of tax payers money as about leadership. Robert Ghiz is a healthy young man and very … Continue reading

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Prelude to a Beautiful Day

Ebenezer at 6.15 am. on the 24th May 2012. A prelude to a beautiful day. It is indeed now a beautiful warm and sunny day. If we listen carefully we can almost hear the grass growing. It seems when we … Continue reading

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Working Hard???

I don’t often agree with our Conservative Government, but I do agree with much of what the Finance Minister said regarding Employment Insurance and foreign workers. The need to bring in foreign workers while we have Canadians not working and … Continue reading

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Summer Camping

If I were thinking about travelling and camping this would be the rig for me. Not because hot pink is my favourite colour, it isn’t. I think my first job would be changing the colour. However its not in my … Continue reading

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