Must be Smarter than I Thought I was!!!!!

Not bragging here, just impressed with my brilliant foresight regarding our Federal politicians. I nailed Del Mastro early on when he ranted in the house about everyone but the conservatives cheating in the last general election. Now our dear old Dean is under investigation for over spending in his election campaign, over spending he attempted to hid.

Next, back during the last election I dubbed our PM Herr Harper, and I have used the term several times when pointing out his latest sneaky moves.
I must have had him nailed too. Just recently he received the Nazi salute from a couple of opposition MP’s, I think Wayne Easter was one of those giving the salute, although he claims not to have done so. Better get back to my parliamentary crystal ball, more predictions to come later!!! Maybe Justin Trudeau for PM??? nah the crystal ball is foggy on that one.
Cheers and keep reading

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3 Responses to Must be Smarter than I Thought I was!!!!!

  1. canuckcookie says:

    Your parliamentary Crystal Ball is far more than foggy, it must be cracked. Canada cannot afford to go back to the Flower power Child Days of Trudeaumania….Big mistake as with Ghiz the boy is not the equal of his Dad. The smartest thing for young Justin to do is sit it out.However as a Conservative it would be a good thing for PM Harper to possible run against Trudeau in a few years. People will remember the Trudeau era of Peaceniks and Fuddle duddle. Keep em coming amigo
    Robby the TRue Blue Tory

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi Robby I couldn’t agree more, I was joking about Justin!!!and indeed same with the young twit running this province. Just because their fathers attained political prominence in no way means these youngsters will do the same . Yours Aye Ben

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