A Good Program Cut!!!!!(Volunteers for Literacy)

Two weeks ago on 13th June on my blog I used the lovely and thoughtful poster given to me by the grade one students of Central Queens Elementary School. It was simply the nicest form of thank you for another year of volunteering every Wednesday helping the children learn to read. I have been doing this for 14 years and I have loved every minute of it. Just yesterday I heard the program had been cut, no doubt the Dept of Education’s way of saving money???? Hardly a big saving. We had one half time staffer, she kept records, administered the program and supervised the  important job of screening through the RCMP  those who could volunteer within the program. She also organized and ran our annual June meeting(AGM). What did that cost ?or more importantly what did the dept save by cutting it. One half time staffer and dozens of volunteers set adrift. An excellent program that now appears to be shut down. If anyone really cared there are so many other ways to save money beside ending something so inexpensive and so effective. Cut just one MLA position and the savings could run at least three of these literacy programs. This is so typical of a Governments idea of saving money, start by cutting at the bottom. never at the top. If you are as outraged as I’m please tell your MLA.
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