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Government Pensions

It seems we have a diaper that needs changing here on PEI. Recently comments were made in the Media about the large pensions a couple of our Federal MP’s will receive when they retire. Lawrence MacAuley will receive approx $150,000 … Continue reading

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A School Needed for Politicians????

Question – Do we need a school where would be politicians could be properly trained. Its obvious the present politicians lack anything close to good sense or education in running a Province. It seems each new week brings some new … Continue reading

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Hot Air Balloon

On Saturday evening we were sitting with Mark and Caroline in their Millvale house when we smelled burning. With four young children running around outside, we wondered if they had started the camp fire. Outside we were amazed to see … Continue reading

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Twelve Year Old Hunters??????

In the 1960’s I injured both hands in an accident aboard the submarine Alcide. While I was recovering in the HMCS Stadacona hospital I noticed the following. The hunting season had been open about a week. In the bed beside … Continue reading

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Following my Hobby

I no longer become as involved in antique auto repair as the cartoon indicates. Nevertheless, I have been there done that, I once removed and installed three different engines in a MG Midget in one day. I have removed an … Continue reading

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My Tax Return was Returned

I was trying to get a jump on doing my taxes this year, but the Revenue Canada sent my Tax Return back!! I guess it was because of my response to the line, which said: “List ALL Dependents”… I replied … Continue reading

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Water Conservation

The latest development by the City of Charlottetown in their water conservation measures. You can now hire a garden water boy through city hall for a nominal fee. Must provide your own watering cans and have them measured for proper … Continue reading

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An Unanswered Letter

Last week I sent the following letter to my local member of the Provincial Government, Bush Dumville. So far no reply! that could be because he is away at the moment, or it could mean he doesn’t know how to … Continue reading

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Blaming Farmers for Fish Kills.(17th July)

I wrote the above headline in my blog on the 17th July 2012. It was in response to a letter in the Guardian that appeared on the 16th July. The author was a Summerside lawyer and I assume he was … Continue reading

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I’m Sad Sad Sad!!!

Because of my recent back injury I wasn’t able to attend the British Car Show held this past weekend in Windsor Nova Scotia. That’s why I’m feeling so sad today, friends sent me lots of photos just so I’d know … Continue reading

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