The 12th of July in Ulster

Not one of my favourite days, or a suitable way to celebrate our history. The annual march of the many Orange Lodges through the streets of Belfast only stirs anger and violence.

Battle of the Boyne
Both kings commanded their armies in person. William had 36,000 men and James had 25,000 – the largest number of troops ever deployed on an Irish battlefield. English, Scottish, Dutch, Danes and Huguenots (French Protestants) made up William’s army (Williamites), while James’ men (Jacobites) were mainly Irish Catholics, reinforced by 6,500 French troops sent by King Louis XIV. At stake were the British throne, French Dominance in Europe and religious power in Ireland.

William won the day, but one wonders what he actually won. Northern Ireland has been plagued with trouble and violence ever since. Protestant against Catholic has been an ongoing issue of hatred that seems to culminate on the 12th July each year. Maybe its time to move on, perhaps celebrate the possibility of a united Ireland, are we not all Irish when all is said and done.
Erin go Bragh
Cheers and keep reading.

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