Blaming Farmers for Fish Kills.

That was the title of a letter to the editor 16th July 2012. The letter came from a Summerside lawyer. He claims that farmers are not to blame! In the news media it was claimed the Trout River fish kill was due to pesticide run off from nearby fields. However, this lawyer states, no trace of pesticides were found in the recovered dead fish and no trace of pesticides were found in the river. Well that may be fact, but rivers do not stand still the water flows and the pesticide evidence has flowed with it. I’m not sure how much proof this lawyer wants. We have had fish kill after fish kill and in all cases pesticide run off has been the culprit. Farm fields are consistently sprayed with toxic chemicals right across the Island. This lawyer needs to have a close look at our soil, when did he last see a healthy worm in a potato field? Does he stop to think about the birds and insects that die from this same poison that kills the fish. He may be correct in stating all farmers are not too blame, but many are. Before making such statements this lawyer might consider the environment ahead of loop holes to get a client off. After all, Al Capone had a lawyer and beat the system for many years before finally being found guilty of a crime. I had a friend who sadly is now long gone, he was a small family farmer. He often told me of the damage the large farms were doing to the land, the erosion of top soil especially in the winter months from plowed fields that should have been left until spring. The huge fields with the loss of hedge rows. He explained a small field with a surrounding hedge row would hold winter snow in an even spread across the field, large open fields allowed the snow to drift and leave wide areas of uncovered ground. He just made a modest living off the land, he didn’t make or loose millions as we hear farmers claim today. I believe what he was telling me was “Bigger isn’t better”. Remember the factory hog farms? they have all failed, the Borden Beef Plant, just a matter of time I suspect. Lawyers??? well you be the judge. Keep in mind many of our lawyers become politicians. Now there’s a thought!!!!

Cheers and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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