An Unanswered Letter

Last week I sent the following letter to my local member of the Provincial Government, Bush Dumville. So far no reply! that could be because he is away at the moment, or it could mean he doesn’t know how to answer the difficult questions I have posed. The latter seems more likely!!!

Hi Bush
I’m sorry but I have to reach out to you in the hope something can be done before its too late. What is going on with this government? I find it difficult to believe what I’m hearing. Wes Sheridan arrogantly tells a lady at one of his meeting she can go live elsewhere. I know he has since put a different spin on it. Nevertheless, the fact remains he along with others in the government seem to think they can say and do as they please. Vessey recently said he didn’t care what the Bonshaw plebiscite results were the plan B highway was going ahead. Is there no elected members that can see what I’m seeing here???? Its extremely possible every member of the present Liberal government will end their political careers with the next election. Robert Ghiz may think he can go into Federal politics,after he loses the next election, but if I were he I wouldn’t be holding my breath on that. Islanders do not forget, and those that might will surely be clearly reminded by others. The state of our Island finances is maybe only a few years away from bankruptcy. But this government goes ahead spending money we don’t have. They insist on highways we don’t need, want or can afford. They refuse to build a much need school in Souris or make improvements at the Montague school, the reason, the Province can’t afford it????? Yet they can pour 4 million into Atlantic Lotto (Geo Sweep) which has now apparently failed. I’m only scratching the surface here Bush there is so much more mismanagement going on its hard to believe or even understand. And I haven’t even mention the HST that wasn’t on the radar until the last election was over. Please act for the people that put you where you are, and please do it before we lose everything.

This morning I send a second copy of this letter, now I shall have to wait and see if this time I get a response. I have to believe there are some members who are not happy with the government actions. I continue to hear rumours that Richard Brown is ready to cross the floor. I have heard the provincial NDP would like to see him consider their leadership. I realize rumours are often untrue, but then again, they are sometimes quite factual.
Cheers and keep reading.

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1 Response to An Unanswered Letter

  1. Budge says:

    Well played sir! Proud of my political shit disturbing dad!

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