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Save My Soul!!

Its Sunday again, no point in praying for Arsenal to win today, they have already lost. Its rained hard most of the weekend so I wont be driving the Rover to church today. Time to get the new Kia Soul … Continue reading

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Oh No!!!

Oh No!!! Arsenal lost their game today against Chelsea 2-1. That ends their unbeaten run this season. What can I say? Go Gunners, better days ahead. Cheers and keep reading.

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The F35 Purchase????

I watched the program “Fifth Estate” last evening, the topic was the on going saga of the Governments purchase of the F35 fighter jet slated to replace the aging F16. Now this was an hour long program, with several interviews, … Continue reading

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Sixty Years Ago!

How time flies! it seems like yesterday I was playing football (soccer for you Canukes) in Belfast. Northern Ireland. On the 7th October 2012 I’m part of a reunion with two other players in the photo. I am first on … Continue reading

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The Son Of?????Liberals????

Oh My God!!! now the Federal Liberals are doing it. Its kinda like the movie “Back to the Future. Justin Trudeau running for the leadership of the Liberal Party. Do these foolish Liberal politicians learn nothing from their mistakes, the … Continue reading

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My Saga of Self-Publishing

Some people might regard this as a shameless attempt to market my own books. They are probably right, I do market my books at every opportunity but its not shameful. Sharing with other writers the experiences I have encountered may … Continue reading

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Oh Canada-Oh Quebec!!!!

A separatist provincial government has just taken power in the Province of Quebec. They are in a minority position so governing as separatists will be difficult. Nevertheless, the first thing they did was to remove the Canadian Flag from all … Continue reading

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Now! Thats Old???

I attended a car show in Charlottetown yesterday and got quite a shock. My 51 year old Rover is still on the road and in good condition. When people see it they are often quite impressed. Today I’m not quite … Continue reading

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PM Harper Visits Troops in Afghanistan

Steven Harper was talking with Canadian troops in Afghanistan. He asked the group if anyone could tell him what a tragedy was. An Army chef put up his hand and said if a friend got run over by a tank … Continue reading

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A Big Game Today

I definitely have to attend church today and pray for an Arsenal win!! They are playing Man City in Manchester this afternoon. City are last years league champions. This will be Arsenal’s biggest test yet this season, we are so … Continue reading

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