This Friends is Progress

I found this a strange letter to the editor in yesterdays Guardian 6th Sept 2012, authored by a Mr Red MacKenzie. He begins his letter using the word friends? but then goes on to (with due respect) tell visitors (off island experts) to the island to butt out. He asks CFA’s with opinions on everything if they have ever travelled to Holland? He states some opinionated CFA’s want people to believe that wind turbines are the end of life on PEI as we know it. Now I’m from away, one of those awful opinionated CFA’s!! I have lived on PEI for more than forty years, married an island girl, raised a family and have contributed to my community in many ways, I love this wonderful place. In my opinion Mr MacKenzie is not very friendly at all. Lets have a look at what he refers to as progress, I assume he is talking mainly about Plan B. Within the last two years our elected government has done the following. Told the people of Souris they can’t afford a new school, told the people of Montague they can’t afford to renovate their school, have made serious cut backs to the dept of education and teaching staff. Health care, seems we can’t keep rural clinics open, can’t hire doctors, can’t afford Dialysis clinics in Souris and Alberton, and have made huge cut backs in health care. Next year they will impose the HST on the backs of islanders, they do this to get a large influx of money from the Feds. That’s not in the interest of the people, certainly not with our aging and struggling population. But lets build a new length of highway through the Bonshaw Hills, the Feds are giving us 8 million, heck it will only cost another 16 million or so that we don’t have. Our province has a huge deficit and we are surely on the brink of bankruptcy but this road must go through????
If that is what Mr MacKenzie calls progess, perhaps he needs to talk with a few CFA’s for some clarification.
Sorry, but I simply can’t end without saying this. He claims he is relieved to reach Rte two after surviving the worst, outdated, ill conceived stretches of the Trans Canada system in the country. Frankly I relax when I get off the mainland fast four lane hwys and back onto our quiet Island roads. No Red, we do not need Plan B don’t want Plan B and most importantly can’t afford Plan B.
Just the opinion of a CFA.
Cheers and keep reading.

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2 Responses to This Friends is Progress

  1. canuckcookie says:

    The CFA question is one of the main reasons I decided to leave PEI Ben. As you are aware I have lived around the Globe. No where have I felt so lonely as on PEI. Despite joining the Party working 4 elections and a leadership, Writing a Blog for Military Family Services, Working at the QEH and the Holiday Home in Charlottetown (read Correctional Centre) No where could I make inroads as a landowner and Canadian who wished to live on PEI . All this despite the fact that my eldest Grand daughter was born in SUmmerside. The Legion in orden would get my vote as the most unfriendly Legion in Canada. That is my story as a CFA who as yourself Chose to live on PEI. The CBC had a great show last year titled “The Insularity of Islanders” It covered many married people where one partner was a CFA and despite living on the Red ISland for 40 plus years they were still treated as CFA’s.
    Good Luck and all the best, despite the CFA Situation PEI is still a relaxed peacefull Island .

  2. irishroverpei says:

    Thanks for your support Robby, its hard to understand how this otherwise friendly island still has such ill tempered people who feel only they have rights to PEI.

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