The Facts on the HST

DID YOU KNOW ? — DO YOU CARE ? that as of April 1, 2013 ELECTED OFFICIALS will be sticking THEIR hand even further, into YOUR pocket. These basic necessities (used by almost every Islander) will Cost You 9% MORE… starting April 1, 2013.

Clothing & shoes

except for “children sized clothing and shoes”

Tailoring services & shoe repair

Hair stylist/Barber,

Books, Newspapers & Magazines

School Supplies

Car seats for children Campsites

Sporting rinks, field & hall rentals

Gym membership & Fitness trainers

All sports fees;

soccer, hockey, karate, ballet, etc.


domestic air fares, bus travel, taxi service New Home Sales & Real Estate Commissions

Drafting, Survey fees & Contractors

Aesthetics services

Massage Therapy Services etc.

Funeral Services,

coffins & urns

and many more…

In addition to Every sustainable green energy and heat source (except furnace fuel) electricity – propane – wood – pellets – gasoline Every single Island home uses at least one of these forms of energy every single day of the year!

IF YOU ALLOW THEM to implement the HST YOU CAN Kiss YOUR Hard-Earned CASH GOOD-BYE ! Senior citizens, those with fixed and low to moderate income, as well as all single parents will suffer the worst of this tax implementation. Many middle-income earners will also suffer financially. As will many small business owners that service these groups of Islanders. Many organizations like UPSE, CUPE, NFU, Residential Construction Associations, Realtors Association, and Athletic groups are against this tax, knowing it will actually hurt ALL Islanders in the long run..
Do you like the photo with this post??This is the guy who is going to stick us with in the HST. Ghiz the Sheriff of Not(listening)ham
Cheers and keep reading.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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