More Plan B.

There was a very informative letter to the editor in yesterday’s Guardian from Gary Schneider (17th Sept 2012). This information comes from a man with an impressive environmental knowledge on the subject. I recommend you read it. He makes some very important points about the EIS environmental assessment. The company (EIS) hired by government to do the assessment recommended proceeding with the project as no lasting harmful environmental damage would be caused. However Mr Schneider who has read the large report document pointed out several questionable answers. For instance EIS use the term “where possible” and where feasible” that leaves a great deal open to many interpretations. They also state, in order to protect from invasive species, we recommend “All construction equipment and vehicles (trucks/heavy equipment) will be inspected by a responsible person prior to engaging in any construction activities. They go on to say “particular care must be paid to the undercarriage of all vehicles”. Now I ask you, do you really think that is going to happen???The cost would skyrocket, and the construction time could be extended beyond reason. This Plan B project has to be stopped, it makes no sense. Considering the points made here,  Plan B has no significant benefits. There are clearly several alternatives that would cost less and do less environmental damage. It is time the Minister and his government face up to the fact we Islanders do not want this road. Please do what you were elected to do – the will of the people.
STOP PLAN B. I’m shouting but you are not listening.
Cheers and keep reading.

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