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Longest Three Days of my Life

The last days of October 1962 were indeed the longest and most frightening days of my life. We sailed on the 24th October 1962 in the submarine Taciturn. We were stored for war, live torpedo’s, pennant numbers painted out and … Continue reading

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Loss of HMS Bounty

The loss of any ship or members of her crew at sea is a tragedy. However the loss of HMS Bounty seems more significant because of her history. The original Bounty is long gone,the mutineers destroyed her by fire on … Continue reading

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Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal

Today was a very special day for me, I was invited to the Lieutenant Governors residence to receive the Q.D.J medal. This medal commemorates the 60th year of Queen Elizabeth II reign. I recall so many events over those sixty … Continue reading

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The Poppy

Please wear a Poppy with Pride and remember those brave men and women who gave their lives that we might be free. In Flanders fields the poppies blow Between the crosses, row on row, That mark our place; and in … Continue reading

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Bless You—Oops Sorry did I offend

I heard from a friend at church this morning about our governments latest new ruling. I cannot believe that even our government would go to such ridiculous lengths. But apparently it is true. A new ruling in all government offices … Continue reading

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Arsenal Squeeze Out A Win—Phew!!!

Oh Boy!!! It was a tough game to watch, it was back and forth for the majority of the time. Only inside the last ten minutes did Arsenal finally manage to score the winning goal. Even after that it wasn’t … Continue reading

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What is CETA?????

Have you heard of this agreement CETA?? it stands for “Canadian-European Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement” Its quite scary – read below. It’s barely about trade at all – and they are negotiating behind closed doors. The Comprehensive Economic and … Continue reading

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Canadian Military Modernize!!!!

Our illustrious Prime Minister through his right hand man Peter MacKay is updating the Canadian Military.You should note he has paid important considerations to operating costs when making new purchases. In this area our Minister of Defense has achieved the … Continue reading

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Early in the year I heard the LOVE (Let Older Volunteers Educate) program was over. Naturally, I went off on my usual tangent blaming government for withdrawing funding. However, it had nothing to do with government, it was a lack … Continue reading

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Arsenal Lose Again!!!

Ugh!!!! Arsenal lost on Saturday 1-0 to Norwich City, then last night they lost again at home 2-0 to Schalka(might have spelled that wrong) in the European championship game. It wasn’t a good night for British football, Manchester City lost … Continue reading

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