More Plan B Hog Wash.

In beginning this blog I first posted a photo of our Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. I suspect few Islanders would recognize him on the street as he never attends public meetings about Plan B or the environment. He usually sends his minions to fight his corner, while he writes letters to the Guardian Newspaper. He is smart though coming up with really good reasons why we need this road. I guess most of us Islanders are just plain dumb, I mean what do we know about highways, all we do is drive on them. The Minister of Transportation, now he must really be an expert on highways,why else would he be the Minister?. I have been protesting the need of this new highway project because of the environmental damage it will cause and the expense. The argument from the government was safety. But now our illustrious Highways Minister has pointed to another very important reason. The Highway is underdeveloped, My goodness who would have known that???? Then he goes on to use other amazing facts about Plan B, for example, He tells us every step will be taken to minimize and mitigate the impacts on the environment . Wow!!! why are we worried?
However, I’m still worried , I though mitigation was a thing lawyers use in court to get their clients off or a lesser sentence?? Underdeveloped? I can’t help thinking there is a large chunk of hog wash here. During the days when the original Bonshaw section of this highway was built it was probably considered developed, maybe even over-developed. Then there were the vehicles using that highway, could we consider most were under developed in the 1950-60’s. They ran on bias ply tires had drum brakes, large powerful V8 engines, many had no power steering or brakes, many had vacuum wipers. They had no airbags, ABS systems,traction control etc etc. Heck in the fifties you had to hold your cup of coffee while driving, no cup holders . Dare I suggest the cars back then were underdeveloped?.
That is not the case today.
So my question is, why is this road now suddenly deemed unsafe? I’m sure when it was first completed it was regarded as a wonderful new and safe road?
Its time to stop this ridiculous project. Islanders are not dumb and do not want this project.
I suppose I should mitigate my blog a wee bit and admit we have people using cell phones while driving most highways. That could be dangerous, even on safe highways.
Cheers and keep reading.

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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