Put That In Your Pipe Mr Ghiz

My sincere thanks goes to John Joe Sark of the Mi’kmag Grand Council and to the members of the Mi’kmag nation. These great peoples were the first stewards of this place we call Prince Edward Island. It goes without saying they did a far better job of protecting the environment than any of us late comers have ever done. We have plundered and destroyed vast areas of the Island and continue doing so. The majority of people really do care, its just the few money grubbers that wish to tear down trees and gouge huge scars on our beautiful land. For months Robert Ghiz and his greedy supports have been blowing smoke up our you know whats!!! Well now its our turn, so Mr Premier put that in your pipe and smoke it. Of course if you don’t smoke you can? you’ll think of somewhere. John Joe Sark has held a smudge ceremony on the site and blessed the land lighting a sacred fire. Campers around the fire may not be moved by the RCMP or arrested for as long as the sacred fire burns. You can be sure it ain’t going out any time soon. Have we not yet got the message across to these deaf politicians”. Have we not made enough noise, wrote enough letters, talked on enough radio shows? Islanders have risked life and limb laying down in front of giant earth movers and yet this hated project continues. How much more do we have to do to make these arrogant politicians listen to us and stop Plan B now ??????????????
I have to wonder if anyone in the Ghiz government has any backbone at all. Where are the backbenchers, what about your careers,don’t you realize they are over in the next election. Isn’t time to stand up and say enough is enough and stop this project. Surely if the backbenchers revolted Ghiz would be finished and most of his cabinet with him. Show some courage and do what you were elected to do——–Please.
Cheers and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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