Your Passion Is Duly Noted????

Politicians Eh!!! The heading for this blog”Your passion is duly noted” was the reply received from my MLA Bush Dumville regarding the letter below.

Hi Bush
I’m curious to know your views on the use of the RCMP by the Ghiz government???? You were once an RCMP officer yourself and indeed one who had a great deal pride in the job you did. I’d like to ask you how you now feel. I see an RCMP officer throw a women over his shoulder and forcibly remove her on direction from Robert Ghiz. I see peaceful law abiding Islanders being led away handcuffed by the RCMP on the orders of Robert Ghiz. I see Islanders arrested for protesting in a legal and non violent objection to the heavy handed methods of Ghiz and his government. As a member of this government Bush, you too will eventually have to answer to the public for the actions being taken here. When a Provincial government needs to use the police to force its will on the people democracy is crushed and replaced by dictatorship. You cannot possibly believe come the next election (if we have to
wait that long) that any member of the Ghiz government will have a hope of ever being re-elected. Robert Ghiz will go down in Island History as the worse premier ever. I can’t believe you want to be remembered as one of his loyal followers. November the 11th is only a few weeks away, we shall be remembering the brave men and women who gave their lives for democracy and the freedom that up until a few months ago we all enjoyed on PEI. Bush it is surely time to stand up and be counted, not only you but all the backbenchers. I can’t believe you are part of a happy and solid government that is firmly behind this arrogant young Premier. Please consider carefully the present situation and then ask yourself if this is what you campaigned for or what you promised or planned for the people who voted for you. I think you will find you already know the answer to that question.
If you do what is right Ghiz may expel from his government, but to the majority of Islanders you will have done the right thing. But more importantly, your stand(if you make it) is what you will be remembered for.
Respectfully Submitted F.Ben Rodgers

Its frustrating Eh!!!!!!!
Cheers and keep reading.

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