No Justice for Christine or Canada

FIFA brought down their ruling on remarks made by Christine Sinclair at the end of the Olympic semi final game against the US. She has been given a four match ban. Anyone who understands the rules of football (soccer) and saw this game will know it is the Referee who should have been charged. Wambaugh the US team captain stood beside the ref counting the seconds while the Canadian goalkeeper held the ball. Eight seconds is considered the max time for a goalkeeper to clear the ball. She did take ten-eleven seconds and that is time wasting. The usual punishment for this offense is a yellow card, not a free kick inside the goal area. However standing beside the ref counting is in my opinion an attempt to influence the ref, and should have resulted in a red card. The whole event was a travesty and referee Pedersen should be the one charged not Sinclair.
What do you think? do you agree or disagree????
Cheers and keep reading.

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