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A Courageous Leader ??? LOL

Having just watched the Evening News on CBC (Compass) it strikes me that Robert Ghiz is not a leader, he is a coward. What kind of premier dodges facing the public at a major protest and sends one of his … Continue reading

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Want To Buy a Secret Submarine Base???

Going Cheap!!!only 17.5 million, not sure if that is Dollars or Krone’s This world is full of secret places and unconventional buildings like the Missile Bases turned luxury abodes, the space station turned home in Jamesburg, with a capability to … Continue reading

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Who Ran The Royal Navy????

The Posted Photo – Chiefs and PO’s of HMS Cockade circa 1956. The Admiralty would tell you they ran the Royal Navy. Naval Officers would tell you they ran the Royal Navy. A Ships commanding Officer might say he ran … Continue reading

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