Early in the year I heard the LOVE (Let Older Volunteers Educate) program was over. Naturally, I went off on my usual tangent blaming government for withdrawing funding. However, it had nothing to do with government, it was a lack of volunteers. Apparently no one would volunteer to work on the board so the program failed. I have thought long and hard on the cause, and have concluded it had nothing to do with a lack of volunteers it was a lack of communication. I knew nothing about the problem and would have stepped up if I’d known the program was collapsing. We did have a paid (half time) staff member who was laid off. Yet to date I have never been given an official word that the program is over. Therefore as far as I’m concerned it isn’t. I still volunteer at my local school, this is  my 14th year and I have no intentions of quitting. As I see it, as long as one person is still a LOVE volunteer the program is alive. I have no way of knowing but suspect there are other volunteers working in other island schools. Maybe if they see my blog they might get in touch with me, it would be nice to have at least a loose connection with each other. We don’t need a paid staff person, we could meet once a year at a local coffee shop and swap ideas or even  operate via email. Lets keep this wonderful; program going, its way too good to lose. I’m waiting and hoping.
Cheers and keep reading

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