Loss of HMS Bounty

The loss of any ship or members of her crew at sea is a tragedy. However the loss of HMS Bounty seems more significant because of her history. The original Bounty is long gone,the mutineers destroyed her by fire on the shores of Pitcairn Island. The replica ship was built in Lunenburg Nova Scotia for making of the film”Mutiny on the Bounty”. It was an amazing replica and sailed with the tall ships to many ports after the making of the movie. In real history there is nothing of particular fame attached to the ship. She didn’t engage and any great sea battles or discover new lands. Her fame stems from a mutiny that took place in 1789 in Tahiti. Some will remember the names of Captain Bligh and Mr Christian. Bligh was an amazing seaman and sailed some three thousand miles in the small open boat which he and some crew had been set adrift safely to shore. Many questions remain unanswered as to the reasons for the mutiny and to whom the blame should go.
A sad loss of a brave little ship, and most probably her captain
God Bless and keep reading.

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