Barn Finds

Its that time of year again, the time when I put the Rover to bed for another long winter sleep. Time to carry out my yearly maintenance and check the car over thoroughly. I have already found one issue that needs attention. The upper suspension link bushings are bad and need replacing. As I can’t drive my old car in the winter months I turn to the auto programs on TV. There are several shows, buying and restoring, repairing, modifying etc. Often in these shows guys out looking for barn finds, usually for cars but often just looking for rare parts. My barn is full of rare British car parts, mostly Rover but many parts fit other British cars. Not a big market here on Prince Edward Island for Rover parts, in fact not a big market for most British cars. Its sad because so many bits and pieces are scarce and hard to find and someone out there is surely searching for that illusive part. My problem is age, not getting any younger and we live in a big five bedroom house, soon might be ready to move to something smaller. In there lies the problem,what to do with all these parts??only obvious answer is the junk yard. But that is so hard to do, the minute I throw something out along comes a guy looking for that part!! Its a dilemma, but maybe some day a TV guy will come looking for parts…….. Hey I can dream
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2 Responses to Barn Finds

  1. Tony Miles says:

    Try E-bay Ben if you haven’t already, I bought my AA and RAC badges off there. they have quite an assortment of car parts. Something for you to do over the winter months.

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi Tony E bay is a good source, but my problem is living in such a remote area, shipping becomes a huge expense. Its okay for small items but I have gear boxes,engines, rear ends, loads of body parts,doors hoods trunk lids etc. I have several good exhaust manifolds that people are probably looking for, but they are heavy and expensive to ship. I’m more than willing to give most of this stuff away free, I’d rather see it going to good use than to scrap. Plus I really don’t want to get tied up packing big items to ship, its not easy and can be costly too. So you see! there is my problem!!!! Yours Aye Ben

      Author of LILY & ME , and THE ROYAL NAVY & ME Visit blog and website

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