Ghiz- We are not sure?????

A few days ago I asked my MLA Bush Dumville why no one seemed to know the cost to bring in this Dr Mintz. Wes Sheridan’s reply is below.
The day I was asked by CBC I wasn’t aware of the amount as it was commissioned and paid for by another Department. Since that time, I’ve looked into the amount and it is just under $15,000. We did an awful lot of work to ensure the impact on consumers was measured and “–mitigated–” through our exemptions, rebates and the drop in tax rate from 15.5 to 14 percent. We did not have a full appreciation of the economic lift from the business community so we commissioned the preeminent Tax Policy expert in the country to do just that.
We are very pleased with this report and we look forward to the benefits associated with this economic lift.

What a bargain! only $15.000 to have some one tell us HST will be good for business. Maybe Wes Sheridan can explain why this was necessary, he has been telling us all year that HST will be good for business. Were you not really sure Wes, just took a guess????. But Wow!!! this Dr Mintz thinks it will be great for PEI as he gave a very optimistic forecast for our future. In his view it will be most beneficial to industry. Sorry but I have a problem with that, what industry is he referring too?? Farming Fishing or Tourism. All three are struggling just to survive and he thinks another tax exemption will boost them into economic success. Did I say his report was optimistic? Of course he doesn’t live on PEI, he’s from Alberta an almost Tax free province compared to us. It seems to me if our government have to pay $15.000 to some so called expert to tell us HST is good, then they have obviously failed miserably to convince Islanders in the first place. Mr Sheridan stop the HST, it is not good for Islanders, business or otherwise. Mr Ghiz stop repeating over and over “Madam Speaker” and instead say something that makes sense to Islanders, stop the HST.
I suggest the government word of the day is “Mitigated”
God Bless and keep reading.

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