The Real Cost of Plan B???????

Just last week the Guardian newspaper released the supposed list of properties the Ghiz government purchased (many by eviction) to clear the way to build their Plan B highway. Also included with the list of properties was the the total cost. Was it actually the total cost???? Strangely the Doma house is not among the properties listed, and therefore its cost not included. I realize this property is not actually in the path of Plan B, it is located near Tryon a few kilometers beyond Bonshaw. . Nevertheless, this government bought the property for future road development, so why not tell the people, are they perhaps trying to minimize the total costs to look better. (I’m not sure its possible this government could look better). I also note the Doma House is a registered Heritage Property, maybe this is the reason for keeping quiet???? Whatever excuses the government use, none of these facts lead to the people trusting Ghiz or his cohorts. How about coming clean Mr Ghiz eh??? “its easy just start off Er — Madam Speaker!!!!”

God Bless and keep reading.

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1 Response to The Real Cost of Plan B???????

  1. Robby says:

    That home Doma received the National Designation as a Heritage Property in 2007, and may be accessed at Heritage Canada by typing in PEI and the word Doma.. Very interesting that they did not show this house on the plans released by the Guardian.
    Something smells in the Government of Ghizites.

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