Support from an Unusual Quarter

In our ongoing struggle to make this Provincial Ghiz government listen it is nice to find that someone from outside the province also cares. In yesterday’s Guardian newspaper there was a letter of support from a very unusual quarter.. Now I’m not a hockey fan can’t even skate, and I have certainly never been a fan of Don Cherry. But its hard to avoid him!! Fan or not its impossible not to have heard something about him, on television he is hard to avoid, he is loud,obnoxious and opinionated, and he dresses loud and obnoxiously too. Today however, I have a whole lot more respect for Don after reading his letter of support. The Ghiz government recently announced they would close the Dialysis clinics at both ends of the island. Patients would then have to travel to Summerside and Charlottetown for this treatment. Most people would need to travel approximately two hours each way three times a week in all weather conditions. Ghiz received such a huge protest against this decision he delayed it by one year. That year will soon be up and the clinics are still going to close. Don Cherry’s letter strongly opposed the closing of the clinics and he understands only too well the hardship the closures will bring. His own son suffered from this devastating disease and the effect of back and forth travel, treatment and worry controlled and almost ruined his family’s life.
I will quote a small portion of his letter of support. “I am imploring you to consider your decision to eliminate rural dialysis service. Please find it in your heart to show mercy and help these unfortunate people. Their lives are tough enough without this added burden of travelling 3 times a week. Dialysis could be a matter of life or death”. Signed God Bless,Sincerely Don Cherry.

Whether the Ghiz government pay any heed is not something I hold out any hope for. This government is an absolute disgrace. Their actions since being re-elected to a second term are almost unbelievable. They have squandered tax payers money on such useless and unnecessary items as Hills in Borden, first class air travel, new highways we don’t need, junkets to China and India taking friends/supporters along. They have broken promises, claim they can’t afford to build a new school or repair other schools. Yet they can afford to invest 4 million in a gambling venture (Geo Sweep) and just of late our finance minister dropped in to the local Ford Dealership and ordered himself a new Ford Escape at our expense. But is this government listening to the people???not a chance. Grrrrrrrrr.
God Bless and keep reading.

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