License Plates for Drunks??

rum for the road
I heard an interesting suggestion on the radio this morning. In order to combat drinking and driving on Prince Edward Island we could issue offenders with special plates. The plates would warn the public that a driver who drinks is behind the wheel. No quite sure what would be on the plate but it would surely be intended to shame the owner. At first thoughts, this seemed like an excellent idea, however, it has many issues that might render the program ineffective. If for instances your husband, who is generally a good person, slips and gets caught over the limit and ends up with a shame plate, what would you do?? Have the registration of the car changed into wife’s name? Could she then register the car with a normal plate. This way to avoid the plate might be used for relatives friends etc. Then there is the consummate drunk who thinks drinking and driving is his/her right and being awarded the plate might be regarded as a badge of honour that drinking buddies would find funny. No, I don’t think the plate is the answer. Very severe consequences is the only real solution. Loss of vehicle, regardless of who owns it, loss of liberty and or heavy fines. No more excuses such as, “Oh he needs his car for work so only ban from driving on the weekends”. Jail time to be served on weekends is not a deterrent, nor is can’t pay the fine cause not working. Throw the book at these people, make the punishment so severe they wont find a shame plate funny at all. Its time we thought of the victims and not the reckless drivers.
“One for the road”, not on our Island roads,not on any roads.
Wishing everyone a safe and happy Christmas.
God Bless and keep reading.

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