Second Anniversary, Still Alive

hospital stay
Two years today since my heart attack and I’m still on the right side of the grass. It was certainly the most difficult moment of my life but with the hands of competent medical staff the wonderful support of my family, and God watching over me I came through. I move a little slower these days and need a little more down time but life is all good. The big lesson learned from all of this is that I now pay more attention when my wife speaks, it was her who surely saved my life those two years ago. I have posted below my comments from Jan 22nd 2012, just food for thought.

On Saturday morning 22nd January 2011, I got up at the usual time and put the coffee on. However it wasn’t my usual routine that morning. I didn’t make myself a bowl of cereal, didn’t take my usual shower and dress, didn’t even turn on the computer. I wasn’t feeling great and just slumped into my chair,I wasn’t in any pain just out of sorts. When Linda got up she asked me what was wrong? nothing just a bit tired I said. I didn’t mention that I’d had a sort of bubble feeling in my chest, I knew she would fuss and I’d end up in emergency at the hospital. I didn’t want to miss the Arsenal game that was about to begin on TV. While watching the game the bubbles came back and I guess I put my hand to my chest, Linda noticed!! That’s it she said your going to the hospital, I refused to go until game ended. Fortunately Arsenal won or I might have had my heart attack right there and then. Linda said get dressed,I’ll get the car out. I dressed and heading for the door I picked up the garbage to take out to the bin. When she saw me coming with the garbage she was stunned, would you just drop that and get in the car. Heading in, I was convinced I’d spend four or five hours in the waiting room then be sent home with a prescription. I was wrong, I was rushed right into the trauma centre and within minutes was hooked up to monitors, nurses taking blood etc. I was having a heart attack (maybe)the doctor wasn’t sure? but something in my blood wasn’t right. I was admitted to the PC Unit, put on blood thinners and re hooked to another monitor. Wednesday,I was told I was going to Halifax for the dye test, they would probably find a blockage and put in a stint, I’d be home the next day. Thursday morning it stormed so I was delayed until Friday. I told Linda not to bother coming over ,I’d be back Saturday morning. I was wrong again, the dye test showed I had four blockages three serious, my main artery was over 90% blocked two others at 80% and one at 40%. The doctor said I could have dropped dead at any moment, just a tiny piece of plaque and it was lights out!! It was a shock, I was frightened and grateful at the same time. Linda ‘God Bless Her” had saved my life. The scariest part of this was, on the proceeding Thursday and Friday I had been out snow shoeing both days convinced I was out of shape. I had found it hard going, I had to keep stopping to catch my breath.
I was released from the Halifax hospital on the 16th February with four bypasses and approx 75 staples in two incisions,chest and leg.
Its exactly one year today since the heart attack, I consider myself very lucky and happy to be alive. I owe my life to Linda and her caring. I thank God, he must have been watching over me while I was on my snow shoes???
God Blesss and keep reading.

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3 Responses to Second Anniversary, Still Alive

  1. Budge says:

    Big day…glad we are chatting about it with you on the right side of the sod! Love you Dad, enjoy it! No bangers and mash though…

  2. irishroverpei says:

    I’m glad I’m on the right side of the grass too, especially as I just got a haircut

  3. baconburner says:

    Well done my friend Faith and the Medics Help keep us on the right side of the Grass.
    Many more anniversaries for your Blog in Future

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