The Best Vehicles in Class???????

06-08_Chrysler_PT_Cruiser220px-NISSAN_cube_Z12_rear280px-2012_Volkswagen_Beetle_--_NHTSA_22009 Chevrolet HHR SS. X09CT_HR016dodge ramedselgremlinpacer
Quite a lemon collection of photos and I’m only scratching the surface. I believe that next to the television insurance ads of Manulife etal, the auto industry ranks up there in unbelievable B-S. Take trucks for instances, Ford-GM-Dodge, each one gives the impression their model is best in class, best fuel consumption, best towing, best torque, longest lasting, not sure how they even calculate the last one?? They claim to be, Ford Tough, GM Professional Grade and the most ludicrous of all is Dodge Ram, they claim Guts-Glory-Ram. Could someone explain the theory behind guts and glory as it relates to a truck?? Passenger vehicles are no different, they all claim to be best in class. I have to wonder just how many classes there are, it seems like hundreds. I’m still waiting to hear the claim best in class in cup holders. Looking over the auto industry in the last thirty years or so, there have been some really big flops. The Edsel may be a leader in this class, Wow quite by accident I have come up with another class. “Best in Class Flop”. However the flop competition is tough too.  How about AMC’s Pacer, a gold fish bowl on wheels, or the Gremlin, wheres the other half of my car?, Do you still have your Yugo? traded mine for a new toaster. Then there is the Retro class, also mostly found in the flop class, the PT cruiser, the HRR, and the VW bettle. There are many many others but I’d be at the computer all day if I was to try and list them. I’m just thankful I still have my Rover. But if I’m honest even Rover had a few doubtful claims, “One of Britain’s Fine Cars” or “The Poor Mans Rolls Royce” come to mind. Its an interesting subject, I just wish the auto manufactures would promote their vehicles honestly, Maybe claim to be second best in class???? Perhaps if they had the GUTS to tell the truth the GLORY would follow.
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