Todays Marketing Issues

In my life time I have seen many changes in the way people shop for goods. In the 1950’s our mothers would go shopping daily for the evening meals. Most of us had no fridge in which to store food and little enough money to buy for a day or two ahead at one time. Much was delivered in the streets, bread vans, milk floats and a few mobile shops. My brother-in-law who owned a green grocery shop. converted an old single deck bus into a mobile shop. He sold fresh vegetables and fruit street to street. It was a successful idea. Consider a woman going shopping and having to walk some distance, sometimes having to bring along the baby or babies. She would have a shopping bag to carry her purchases in, things like potato’s meat, veg etc. A shopping bag could become quite heavy, not forgetting a long walk, often in bad weather. Today a housewife jumps in her car and heads to a pleasant supermarket or a one shop for everything store. She often buys enough groceries to last a week or more. The mall supplies a shopping cart that can be pushed to her vehicle to load the purchases. Have you bought a new shirt lately? the packaging is ridiculous. The shirt is neatly folded and pinned in place by a dozen tiny pins, the front stuffed with soft paper, cardboard around the neck and usually slipped into a clear plastic sleeve. Have you bought a child’s toy lately? the packaging is formidable and takes scissors or some times pliers to release the toy from its package. Finally, when did you last actually purchase merchandize using real money?? Shopping and marketing really have changed, but I’m not sure its for the better. More convenient maybe, but the waste and garbage we collect is frightening. In the 1950’s we had a dust bin in the back yard, it was emptied once a week and was often only half full. Mostly we filled it with ash waste from the fire place, we didn’t have a lot of other waste. A man would come around the streets sharpening knives and another to repair holes in our cooking pots. Some one else came to collect our scrap iron and if we had any he would offer something in return, usually a cup,  saucer or a plate. It wasn’t recycling it was to make do and to make things last. Today we have blue bags, clear trash bags, black bins and green bins and they are always full to bursting. We throw out microwave ovens, toasters, toys, baby chairs and so much more. In the 1950’s we didn’t need to recycle. We didn’t have anything too recycle. Today we reclaim land using garbage as land fill. Today we have few or maybe no TV repairmen. Why? if it goes on the blink chuck it out and get a new one. Anyone wonder why stores like Wal Mart are so successful. or why Asian manufacturing is booming and many of us are unemployed. Some serious food for thought my friends

God Bless and keep reading

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Author of "Lily & Me", "The Royal Navy & Me" and Chapter XXl Armageddon. Writer, blogger and RN Submariner, antique automobile enthusiast.
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2 Responses to Todays Marketing Issues

  1. Great Post! Yeah maybe we could do recycling at times as it is hard to earn money now. We could spend our extra cash on other things that are more important like food. Just an opinion though.

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