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Yoda’s 5th Birthday.

Oops!!! I almost forgot that today 28th February 2013 is Yoda’s 5th birthday. Happy Birthday old buddy. He was actually born in leap year Feb 29th but we are still going celebrate it today. Both Linda and I love him … Continue reading

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The Canadian Senate – Passe or Reward Perks???

Just a few years ago our illustrious Prime Minister Stevie Harper topped up the Red Chamber (Senate) with his own cronies. One of those cronies was Mike Duffy, a long time Ottawa journalist. The requirement of being in the senate … Continue reading

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This Provincial Government???Needs Reform

I think this article by Paul MacNeill is well worth re-posting, it is very accurate and true. Wes Sheridan take note!!!! A government without vision is no government at all. It is merely a political caretaker punting the issues of … Continue reading

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The Real “OLD NAVY” not the clothing store

You will see in the photo with this post  four Royal Navy Destroyers, in order from top HMS Cheviot – Cockade – Concord – Comus,  steaming in line somewhere in the China sea. In 1956 I flew out to Singapore … Continue reading

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A Real Oscar Winner

I doubt any one of today’s movie stars could fill the shoes of David Niven. This is not a Hollywood version, this is true. David Niven attended the Royal Military College at Sandhurst, and graduated in 1930 with a commission … Continue reading

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Arsenal win by the skin of their teeth

Oh Boy!!! another nail biter for the Gunners and those of us that had to watch the game. Arsenal went ahead in the first few minutes of the game. I thought, Ah! finally they have hit form and are going … Continue reading

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Bending History at Hollywood

Hollywood have long been guilty of making their own versions of History. The latest movie to claim Americans as the heroes is apparently in “Argo”. I have not seen this movie but understand it is the story of the US … Continue reading

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A Question of Religious Freedom

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird recently defended the creation of the new office of Religious Freedom. Now that is real interesting because a week ago I sent a question to the Prime Minister, the Premier of Ontario and three PE … Continue reading

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Thankful for Small Mercies

Two years ago today I posted the above caption “Thankful for Small Mercies”. I’d been home about ten days after receiving quadruple bypass surgery at the Queen Elizabeth 2 hospital in Halifax Nova Scotia. It was a long road to … Continue reading

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Add this to Your Bucket List!!!!!

Lots of people talk about their bucket lists! Personally I have never had a particular bucket list, there were a few things I wanted to do and places I wanted to visit. However if they didn’t happen it would have … Continue reading

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