No Pregnancy test kits in 1963

If there had been test kits for pregnancy in 1963 I would not have fallen for one of the oldest tricks in the book. So all you young courting couple out there take heed.
She told me she was pregnant. In those days it was expected if you got a girl in the family way, you did the right thing and married her. That is precisely what I did, on the 29th Nov 1963 I married a girl I didn’t love and didn’t want to marry. Of course she wasn’t really pregnant, she had lied!.  I realize you might think I was a bit stupid not to have checked this out more carefully. However, in the 1950’s 60’s sex was never discussed with children or young adults, not by parents and not taught at school. At age thirteen I once asked about girls and was told I didn’t to know those things until I married. Back to my not pregnant wife, you might be wondering how she later explained there was no baby? It was simple, we married on a Saturday and on the following Monday morning she told me she had just miscarried in the bathroom. Told me the cause must have been all the excitement of the wedding.  Apparently she flushed the tiny body down the toilet! You are still probably thinking me stupid, I knew absolutely nothing about a miscarriage, how could I? The last girl I had dated referred to her monthly period as the curse, and it took me a while to work out what that was.  The nearest I had come to seeing a naked female  was in the racy magazines known as National Geographic!! There was nothing sexual on TV in the cinemas or mags. It was unheard of to mention a sanitary napkin they were not advertized in magazines, on radio or television or any other media.  You may still think me stupid but I was slowly getting smarter . On the 29th Nov 1963 I was married and on the same date six years later I divorced her, It was the 29th Nov 1969,
Its history now but I think there will always linger a residual memory.
God Bless and keep reading

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4 Responses to No Pregnancy test kits in 1963

  1. TheGirl says:

    That’s a horrible story! Not to pass doubt on you, but could there have been a way that “she thought” she was pregnant, because scares do happen, like a missed period and such…and when she realized it was a false alarm she thought it was too late and didn’t want to call off the engagement? Oh, well I’m glad you had divorced her, I hope she didn’t get alimony or anything of yours

    • irishroverpei says:

      No mistake she knew exactly what she was doing. Sex took place first week of Sept third week she told me she was pregnant. In the second week she wrote to tell me she had something very important to tell me. That would mean she knew she was pregnant after one week. No alimony, I divorced her, she was 8 mths pregnant for real this time with her latest flame.

  2. Budger says:

    Glad to see you upgraded on the next “wedding”…lol…great story! Makes those of us going through the charming separation process smile! Love you, Dad!

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