The Canadian Senate – Passe or Reward Perks???

Just a few years ago our illustrious Prime Minister Stevie Harper topped up the Red Chamber (Senate) with his own cronies. One of those cronies was Mike Duffy, a long time Ottawa journalist. The requirement of being in the senate is that you live in the Province that you represent. In Duffy’s case that is PEI, he has a summer cottage here, however his actual primary residence of 40 years is in Ottawa. Over the last few years he has claimed his primary residence as his secondary home. The PEI cottage is his primary residence, but he only lives there for a few weeks in the summer. He has defrauded the tax payers of Canada for thousands of dollars with false living expense claims. He is not alone in this crime, a few other senators have been scrambling to hide from reporters. At least two was seen running through the halls of power and or hotel kitchens to escape awkward questions from reporters. That action alone would appear to make them guilty. We are not sure where Duffy lives he has told so many lies, he tells us he lives in Cavendish, oops I mean Charlottetown in winter, and in Ottawa occasionally. In Charlottetown in winter he stays at the George Street Hotel, how about that for a permanent and costly home. He has a good excuse for living there, heart condition, he needs to be close to the hospital. But wait a minute!!! he has since told us his doctors in Ottawa told him to stay there under their care. Duffy has told so many conflicting stories I think he is confused himself. Yet he continues to delude himself that he has convinced Islanders he is an island resident. Do you believe him??? I sure don’t. Here are the facts as I understand them. He has no PEI driver license, no PEI health card, does not pay provincial taxes on PEI. He does have an Ontario driver license, an Ontario health card and he pays Ontario taxes. So Mr Duffy its time you came clean and owned up to your fraud. Paying back the money you illegally claimed is not good enough. Claiming the senate forms are too difficult for you to understand and fill in correctly is not good enough. You have only one choice. RESIGN in shame and hid out in your primary residence in Kanata Ontario.
Just my thoughts.
God Bless and keep reading

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