The Young and the Old???

reunion 00241stBB 003
The football team photo was taken in 1952 and the three handsome gentlemen in the other photo was taken last October 2012 at Brackley Beach PEI. A lapse of 60 years since we were last together. I’m in the centre and my cousin Denis on my right, Bobby on my left. Bobby and I lived opposite each other on the same street, Ewarts Row. We all grew up on the streets of Belfast, and had the same burning interest, football. (girls came later) We played in the parks, in the streets and even on cleared World War two bomb sites. The three of us played for the 41st Boys Brigade in the BB league. We were never a top team but always played with heart. Probably our greatest game was the semi final against 1st Bangor in April 1952. The Bangor brigade was large and they had a formidable team of top players. When we faced them their captain was Terry Neil, Terry went on to become a professional, he played for Arsenal, and Ireland, and after retiring from the game he successfully managed Arsenal for several years. That will give you an idea of what we were up against in that long ago cup semi final. And yes we lost, but we held our heads high that day. This game was not an easy win for Bangor, we fought all the way and for an hour of the game held them to 1-1 tie. Sadly the strain slowed us and in the end we lost 3-1. It was and remains the most exciting game of my life, and seeing my two team mates after all these years was a wonderful revival of those never to be forgotten memories.

Who thinks they can pick the three of us out in the team photo??? should be easy we haven’t changed much!!!!
God Bless and keep reading

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5 Responses to The Young and the Old???

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  2. Current officer in the 41st BB Belfast. Great to see an old photograph. I’ve printed it out (hope you don’t mind) to pass on to our company captain, Stewart Kirkwood.

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi Jonny so nice to hear from you, I seem to remember we had a Billy Kirkwood in the BB I think he lived near the top of Hillman Street he may have had an older brother who was an assistant officer with our brigade
      de. Hope the 41st still has a football team.

    • irishroverpei says:

      Hi Jonny
      I checked with my cousin Denis Midgely he lived on Hillman Street too, here are his comments “Yes indeed Billy kirkwood lived up the street from me and his
      brother Desmond was an assistant to Captain Wilson. This must be his son??
      Billy of course was in the 41st BB with us but was never a footballer”.

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