The Wolseley 6/99

Wolseley model
Selling the Rover yesterday stirred memories of how my life with Linda began. We courted whilst I was on the Island and later when I transferred back to Dartmouth. We became engaged shortly before I was told I was moving to Windsor Ontario. The transfer caused me two problems. The first one was a car, I didn’t have a decent vehicle, certainly not one capable of reaching Ontario under its own steam. The second problem (maybe better described as an ongoing problem) was I had no money. Linda and I talked about the move, and we decided to go to Windsor together. But I still needed a car, in the parking lot of my apartment building stood a 1960 Wolseley that looked to be in reasonable shape. It had stood all winter obviously not in use. I searched out the owner who was happy to sell it for $100. The four wheels were frozen into the ice of the parking lot and was a difficult job to free. Eventually I managed to tow the car over to the KMart auto centre, where during breaks and other lulls in work I slowly brought the car back to life. It didn’t need a lot, just some brake work, tune up, oil change and a new battery. Once licensed I started using the car on a daily basis and it ran great. It had a six cylinder engine, automatic with overdrive. A working radio, posh wood dash and door capping’s and huge armchair like leather seats. I installed a a roof rack and we packed all our worldly possessions inside and out. The grand old car was loaded and ready for the road. It was early March 1971 and we left in freezing rain, I remember stopping at a service station after we got off the ferry to fill up with gas. I wound the wind down just enough to tell the attendant to fill her up. Shut the window and talked with Linda about the trip ahead. After a few minutes the attendant tapped on my window, he couldn’t find the gas filler cap!!! I got out of the car to show him only to discover it was hidden under a thick layer of ice. We finally got underway and the weather gradually improved as we drove through the US. It took us two days to arrive safely in Windsor, we rented an apartment and sold the Wolseley for $300 in order to buy some furniture. All in all the car was not a bad investment, it was our first British car experience together, and it must have impressed Linda for she went on to love-hate and work on many more Austins-MG’s Triumphs and Jaguars. It seems appropriate to write about that today, the day after I sold my last Rover. I have often wondered why I never owned another Wolseley. That old car gave Linda and I a great start to our life together. Granted we’ve had a few minor breakdowns and needed a few tune ups over the 41 years, but I wouldn’t change one minute of it. I still love British cars but I love Linda a whole lot more.
God Bless and keep reading

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