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Looking After our Servicemen and Women

In this age of crooked politicians and Senators, who are over paid yet still feel they deserve more. They cheat on their expense claims, pad their travel cost etc etc. Then we have the immigrants, our governments give them homes, … Continue reading

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Changing Times

In this age of cell phones, I phones, Skype calls and whatever other communication devices are out there, I’m often scoffed at because I’m unsure how to use these items. Well I have an excuse, I was raised in a … Continue reading

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Philip My Taiwanese Friend

I related Philip’s speeding incident with you yesterday, it was just one of the many situations he found himself in during the time I knew him. However the most difficult and possibly the funniest situation came about in the Windsor … Continue reading

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How to Speed and Get Away With It — (once)

This is a true story, but not one I’d recommend you try if you find yourself stopped for speeding. In the 1970’s we lived in Essex, a small town just outside of Windsor Ontario where I managed the local K … Continue reading

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The Rary Bird & and the Turnip Field

Sorry, there are no photo’s available of Rary birds, have to use a parrot!!! A man walked into a pet shop to buy a parrot, I’m sorry said the owner I’m all out of parrots but I do have this … Continue reading

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Sands of Time

Sadly the sands of time never stop running and are thinning out my shipmates and fellow submariners. I just learned that Ted Thorpe has crossed the bar. ( in the photo he is the one with the beard) We sailed … Continue reading

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Relay for Life (FUNdamentals

In this world of crooked politicians, scamming and stealing tax payers monies its refreshing to see there are still some good people out there. I’m proud of my two daughters who both care for others. Caroline works long hard hours … Continue reading

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Duffy- Our Very Own Watergate

It seems that each morning on the news, on Facebook, on Twitter Linkedin etc etc there are new revelations in the Duffy matter. I’m really beginning to wonder if he has some dreadful secret information on Harper. Why else would … Continue reading

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Ode to a Senator??

Huffty Duffty sat on a wall. Huffty Duffty had a great fall. All Harper’s Horsies and Cheque Writing Men. Couldn’t put Huffty together again. Time for this bad egg to resign. God Bless and keep reading.

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Yard Sales of Old!!!

I wonder when and where yard sale/garage sales first began. Not in the sixties? I recall first setting foot in Canada in 1964, (Dartmouth NS) whilst aboard the submarine Alcide. Crew members rushed around looking for cheap furniture to set … Continue reading

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